Gavin as Spiderman (
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On GOML today, Gavin is talking about the new book by Matt Walsh and he reveals that he doesn't know what MSRP stands for... On a book... The co-creator and former owner of a magazine doesn't know what MSRP stands for...

Is it possible that Gavin is the retard and he just projects his self-hatred about being cognitively disabled onto Ryan? Or maybe they're both just fucking retarded.

Either way.

Big news day, where da ep at my iggs?

No GOML Monday, Tuesday and now I can’t watch the live Compound Censored from earlier today? AHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyone got that thanks for noticing meme? I can't remember where it was in the vod

There was a compound censored episode a few months ago were Anthony and Gavin were talking about pitbulls and Gavin said something his dad said about them. It was something along the lines of how every pitbull owner says "he's never done that before" right after they he bites someone. or something like that. I can't remember exactly but I recall it was fairly witty

Does anyone remember what the exact quote was?

Gavin said he doesnt like him anymore and apparently he also pushed him at some point?


Which is your favorite evidence that undermines the standard Holocaust narrative?

Absence of any official orders or decrees from Nazi govt authorizing the mass killing of Jews

The lack of mass graves and remains that would indicate killing on such a large scale

Absence of any mention of a systematic genocide of Jews in the memoirs of Churchill, De Gaulle, etc

Implausibility of alleged gas chambers (wooden doors, lack of Prussian blue)

Exaggerated, fictional, and implausible nature of "eyewitness" accounts such as Night trilogy

Disingenuously portraying wartime events such as the Einsatzgruppen Commisar order as genocide

Other (name it yourself)

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Open Israel's border (
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