Me and a few others created a telegram channel, almost 300 strong


Now we have confirmation of the PRANK. --- PREDICTIONS on how Gavin will handle the fallout when he shows up again?

So it's day 5 since Gavin went radio silent after his two hour GOML LIVE show ended abruptly and with no explanation. The rumors began to swirl almost immediately and social media did it's thing. Some people were angry and instantly saw the low-rent prank for what it is. Others latched onto this event as just another example of the deep state silencing the dissident right with unannounced raids not unlike the recent raid on Mar-A-Lago. Still even more people were left dick-in-hand thinking, "What the actual fuck did I just see?!".

I would be lying if I said that I didn't think something very wrong was happening when I first pulled up to the rumor trough. You don't have to be a political junkie to know that mid-terms are just around the corner and political scandals and mud are flying wild in the streets. Alex Jones is just the latest victim of the militarized media to be hoisted on the cross and anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows what the latest raid on Mar-A-Lago could mean for future administrations given that the "new normal" precedent that has been set for conservatives. "Fall in line or we will beat you over the head with the law enforcement arm of the Democrat party".

To say the least, Conservatives, The "Far Right", non-Democrats or whatever you want to call us right wing dissidents are on fucking edge! So approximately 5 minutes into critically thinking about the current Gavin McInnes incident and a few google searches later, I came to the same conclusion that most everyone has by now. This whole "thing" is just another prank... It's fake and gay.

It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to understand that we have been Scary Perried. Much like the cognitively disabled star of Windy City Heat, The media on both sides of the aisle, reddit, Twitter, Newsweek readers, his fans and his detractors alike have all been trolled. To what degreed we have been trolled will of course depend on the individual reader and their ability to admit to themselves that they got gotten. But the fact remains, we are all the mark to some degree.

So here we are, still dick-in-hands and asking WHY?!

Was it for publicity? Trolling the left? Just a poorly thought out way of taking the piss at gullible right wingers? If I had to guess, I would say yes. All of the above. The timing is just too perfect. Gavin took a look around, pulled the butt plug from his anus, held it to the wind and saw that people on the right are on-edge like a tweaker in Church. Why not fake a swatting event as a means to get back into the headlines if just for a brief second? Just think about how many tickets this will sell for the upcoming "Cognitive Dissidents" tour which kicks off in Las Vegas on 9/10?

Well, Did it work? Seems like it did, yes. People are pissed off, laughing or just plain confused but at least they're talking about Gavin's favorite topic again. Gavin. But at what cost? It would be naive to think there will be no backlash from this stunt. A larger than zero number of people are coming to terms with the fact that they were punked. They were hyped up about yet another example of the extremist-Left "treading on me" and now are either angry and irrational or embarrassed and taking stock of their entire way of thinking going forward.

Either way, Not many people seem to be feeling very "good" about this latest stunt. Some are angry or simply turned off by the notion that in a time when REAL LIFE raids and breaches of liberty are unfolding before our eyes, people like Gavin are targeting their users for a cheap laugh and a grift. Some super fans are angry at others for speaking out with disdain about the latest stunt, "It's just a joke man, What are you? Stupid?". Perhaps some people who flocked to to escape media narrative bullshit and constant lies in the first place are just taking stock and saying to themselves "Why am I paying for this shit?". Who knows? Maybe the whole stunt will pan out in the positive column for Gavin and Either way, It's sure to be an interesting ride.

Is Gavin in the process of getting swatted. I had the live show on in the background while doing other shit and didn’t see I just saw him say something like “we have to do this now?” Watching still

Sketch Premise:

High ranking FBI agents/ Brass are having a meeting about the state of the US

One agent says "It's time we put together a team"

Michael Bay style montage of a team being recruited ("Your government needs you")

we see the FBI recruit: an asocial katana expert an autistic shitposting hacker a range of semi-autistic gun enthusiasts etc...

theyre all gathered in a warehouse

the agent from the beginning is in a control room somewhere else

"let the mission begin" he says or something

You see a SWAT team kick down the door to the warehouse the legacy media are outside reporting on the extremists that have gathered together for some nefarious purpose

the autistic people are led out in handcuffs

maybe in the credits a list of cased where the FBI have entrapped civilians is shown

Was anyone able to actually finish the episode with that crazy bitch from the bar? Holy fuck she's annoying. Her tone is worse than nails on a chalkboard and somehow dumber than Ryan on his worst days.

That was beyond painful.

Gavin as Spiderman (
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Big news day, where da ep at my iggs?

No GOML Monday, Tuesday and now I can’t watch the live Compound Censored from earlier today? AHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyone got that thanks for noticing meme? I can't remember where it was in the vod

There was a compound censored episode a few months ago were Anthony and Gavin were talking about pitbulls and Gavin said something his dad said about them. It was something along the lines of how every pitbull owner says "he's never done that before" right after they he bites someone. or something like that. I can't remember exactly but I recall it was fairly witty

Does anyone remember what the exact quote was?

Gavin said he doesnt like him anymore and apparently he also pushed him at some point?


Which is your favorite evidence that undermines the standard Holocaust narrative?

Absence of any official orders or decrees from Nazi govt authorizing the mass killing of Jews

The lack of mass graves and remains that would indicate killing on such a large scale

Absence of any mention of a systematic genocide of Jews in the memoirs of Churchill, De Gaulle, etc

Implausibility of alleged gas chambers (wooden doors, lack of Prussian blue)

Exaggerated, fictional, and implausible nature of "eyewitness" accounts such as Night trilogy

Disingenuously portraying wartime events such as the Einsatzgruppen Commisar order as genocide

Other (name it yourself)

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