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Seriously missing the days when we’d just get together and drink. It’s gotten so political. Can we call it quits on all the rallies and protests?

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Xtalline 1 point ago +1 / -0

Can't be a proud western chauvinist male if you let a bunch of Soviet inspired anarcho-communists tear up your country. Obviously PB was designed to just be a bunch of dudes who refused to apologize, and it was just coincidence that the BLM and Antifa movement was also on the rise at the same time. Normally it wouldn't have escalated beyond making fun of them, but they started attacking Trump rallies and free speech events, the western way of life, and Proud Boys coincidentally happened to be at those events, the only ones to really fight back.

I never joined PB, I would but the NH and MA chapters have been dead for a long ass time, though I've encountered plenty over the years at events and this evolution was natural. Most chapters are mostly a men's drinking club, the rallies and brawls are few and far between, it's not like PB sought out Antifa and BLM to fight. They were the ones that invaded PB events, fucked around and found out.

So no, there's no turning back from a natural evolution of the group.

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I will never understand these posts.... are you a Proud Boy?