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Opening song PROUD BOY by Loza Alexander 11

KEXP video sent separately Johnny gets “Fuck Donald Trump” in his face


Hot chick

RACISM Sports radio guy fired for incredibly racist rant 12

SPEAKING OF SPORTS HOSTS - YIKES! Might have shitty tits. So what? 13

FIRE IN YOnkers burned his wife and himself to death made them unsaveable 14

Also recruiting Proud Boys at the gym? Americans watch too many movies they think you can shoot a gun out of someone’s hand


HALLOWEEN RYAN MOST BORING HOUSE GUEST EVER -Jimi Hendrix -AM FM - cute me as a cute kid - like we give a shit

got egged yelling at the house “Donald Trump is a white supremacist” 16

Most multicultural party in the history of Westchester

wife got dumped

MUNDANE COSTUMES (in shared folder)

Diversity sucks look at costumes when you go by diversity and not merit 17

SEAN CONNERY My non-Irish side hated him Mad he hosted tartan day parade in NYC “he’s as Irish as the pigs of dougherty” whatever the fuck that means

He hated / loved James Bond thought he was above it but accepted it’s what made him 18

not the worst thing 19

said no to Morpheus and Gandalf OOPS

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 20 Worst movie ever. Drove him into retirement. Said no to Crystal Skull which sucked anyway.

He had lost it by the end 21



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I was wondering about that. We either have some glowies or some evil cunts lurking around here... how about an upvote to help a brother out?