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The Bodysnatchers - Ruder Than You

cool chick band all “Rude Girls" Check out “Let’s Do Rock Steady"

Chick thinks we should just print more money Just print more money 11 This is Zimbabwe This is Idiocracy.

ME NEWS They stole this from me 12

if dudes ran fashion 13

This is still me

SABO’s Newsom art 14

just did this SABO PICS OF WARNOCK

Reverend Warnock is a scumbag 15 Pro abortion Thinks Jesus was Muslim. He was a Jew

“Poor Palestinian prophet” Because it was in Bethlehem? Nice try. Istanbul was Constantinople. The Romans are not Turks.

Sabo’s Harris Fleshlight pic

Harris did date former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown for a period of time between 1994 to 1995. In his capacity as speaker, Brown appointed her to two political posts — first to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, and then to the Medical Assistance Commission.

The left can’t meme here’s why 16

VICE IS A JOKE Literally. 17

This is not a joke Colonel Sanders is Latinx 18 This Sunday at noon

SANTA Makes a kid cry 22 Crowder calls him up

he always fucks off 23

Jews for Santa - make us a graphic

Pearl Harbor Apology from Ryan 24 forgotten and fact checked

FEMINISM Where are they now? Fat and alone. 32

Sex and the City writer alone and childless How many lives did she ruin? 33 "When I was in my 30s and 40s, I didn’t think about it," she recalled. "Then when I got divorced and I was in my 50s, I started to see the impact of not having children and of truly being alone. I do see that people with children have an anchor in a way that people who have no kids don’t."

CHINA Viewer sent this in and I ignored it. Tucker thought it was so big he had two Chinese translators verify it. Oops! 34 35

Swalwell banged Fang Fang 36 he ran for president 37 38 Cerno had the scoop

So, they got BIDEN but they had a backup plan BIDEN / TRUMP Mike Wallace’s son is a brat. He called you Chris 39

I told you I hated this guy 40

Covid 41

MAIL BAG Gav, you should listen to the joe Rogan podcast with Mathew Yglesias. Throughout the entire conversation, this guy (Yglesias’) voice does the most annoying inflection where it gets ear piercingly high. You will appreciate this. -Mike

Joe Rogan and Matty Yglesias 42

Matty Yglesias wants to open the borders until we’re 1b. That’s triple our population. He had to leave Vox because he didn’t worship AOC, thought Latinx was gay, and didn’t want to defund the police. 43

FINAL VIDEO Bitch from yesterday got canceled. Good. 44 fuck you welcome to our world.

Dude getting fucked up in prison 45

Christmas dude SNAP 46

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Do you have last nights homoween notes? I want to watch the full video of that young tranny dude talking about black lives.