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opening song Dude did a cover of Dream On -Ryan has it

Mexican Indian Joker -Ryan has it

Big fight this weekend I missed it looked like it sucked 12

Mayweather and Logan Paul coming up. WOW 13

Russell Brand and Mathew McConaughey hate elitism. How long is this fucking question? 14


JOEY DIED VID SENT SEPARATELY Joey passed out at the Duck. We thought he died. The bartended didn’t want to check his pulse because - ew, gross.

How to tell a story 15

NETFLIX EVERYTHING ON THIS NETWORK IS AGENDA DRIVEN it’s Michelle Obama propaganda. Her “be better” rant about “If everyone looks like you in the board room, be better” OK Michelle - How about the basketball court?

Rape doc - focussed on white rapists. Trying to obfuscate the racial stats. 16

PIC SENT SEPARATELY My daughter’s killers are like my children

Hillbilly Elligy - they added a Paki girlfriend. It’s now a racially diverse love story. That’s not the book. (also, NY Post said it was all overacting but they do act like that) 17 Saw it with wife. We both have aunts and uncles like this. Indians and Glaswegians.

BLACK 47 This one got on, not because it shows the Irish famine but because it makes rich white men look bad (not that what the English did wasn’t horrific) 18

BLM . ANTIFA VID SENT SEPARATELY Black women are not going to save us - not on purpose

PIC SENT SEPARATELY Colonized in the sheets

PIC SENT SEPARATELY Say his name George Floyd

Mayor defunds police. Then calls them. 19

Get beat up for burning flag. Look at the fat dyke in the front punching a dude. He doesn’t even feel it. 20

This guy has never been in a fight before 21

More beatings 22

PIC SENT SEPARATELY look at this pussy / rainbow suspenders

PROUD BOYS No you may not get bikes for tots. The kids don’t even know where the bikes come from. Who cares if it’s Hitler himself? 23

Cassandra covered it 24

“not safe around children”? 25

Can’t even post a picture of them 26

COVID PIC SENT SEPARATELY The amount of damage done trans by having to look at themselves.

PIC SENT SEPARATELY 37 weeks into my simulated pregnancy

PIC SENT SEPARATELY 3.5m to find out why lesbians are obese

PIC SENT SEPARATELY Putting flowers into diet drinks

Those dudes are fucked. You ran your car into a deputy sherif. Could be 6 or 7 years! 27

Pet Davidson still sucks. 28 How ironic that he’s allowed to continue to work while he mocks those who fight back for being shut down. THE ORANGE ZONE IS COINCIDENTALLY WHERE TRUMP SUPPORTERS LIVE. Could be unions forcing tradesman to test daily so cases go up.

Man decapitated his kids 29

I still can’t get over this euthanasia story. Too dangerous to have your family come by. You might die. What if I want to die? OK, we’ll come kill you. 30

ELECTIONGATE Biggest story yet 31

ALI attacked by CNN for raising money. Alex Jones is only in it to sell supplements. Uh, nobody will advertise on his site and he’s banned from everything. What are they supposed to do? 32 You wanna talk about in it for the $? Where’s your SPLC exposé?

This seems big. FBI raided a home 33

Senator Elana Parent and sen. Jennifer Jordan counting the votes 34 and is defending the count

Bad news? Is the Kraken destroyed?

FINAL VIDEO I am a teacher! I teach children! 35

Liberal gets maced for flashing a knife 36

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