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opening song Waitresses

Payment processor looks like it is going through after all. We’re going to hold off discussing anything until we see what happens

Jake Paul is pushing Conor

Perez was banned from Tik Tok 11 this is what we’re no longer able to enjoy 12

When fat people lose weight they look weird

Fun Twitter thing 13 dudes who are down bad DON’T MAKE A MIX TAPE!

LA CAUSA Looks awesome 14

TRUMP Those who don’t hate him are punished. Chris Pratt is polyamarous now 15

Lil Wayne is headed to prison 16 This is because he shunned the woke crowd, denied racism, and supported Trump

First dogs attacking Trump doll 17

Is Trump pardoning Wikileaks? 18

This is what China does to us every day all day 19


GREEN SCREEN Grinch musical 20

PROUD BOYS Siskind Tweets sent separately 21 gay kilt wearers think we’re racist so they discontinue the kilt and send $1k to the NAACP. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Which is fine with us. Is this how we do charity now? Wear something until someone donates to a non-profit. It’s the new shakedown. Eat your heart out Al Sharpton

ELECTIONGATE GA, PA, NV Electoral college goes for Trump 22

“fact checkers” (CNN) say no, it’s not true 23 Did presidential electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada cast their electoral college votes for President Donald Trump? No, that's not true: Joe Biden got all of the electoral college votes in those three states, a result of the Biden-Harris ticket winning the majority of the certified votes there. Electors gathered at state capitols around the United States Monday, December 14, 2020, to cast their votes. There were no "faithless electors" in the process, which means each elector voted along the lines of their state's popular vote.

Then there’s this 24


Ali says shit DID hit the fan 25


Hey Gav and Duke Faginand,

I don't know if you remember the movie from the 90s "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas, about a middle aged white guy who goes on a rampage after getting fed up with life stresses and all the bullshit he deals with. I feel like it is one of those examples that you talk about, where both the left and the right see the same thing and have completely different interpretations. We would look at it and say "understandable, everyone is shitting on this guy, I'd probably do the same" and the left would say "crazy racist white man, typical he goes after the minorities". Anyway, it also includes me and my buddies favorite "drop" that we used to drop in conversation all the time. Check it out:

Right around 2:48 -

Thanks and Merry Christmas Adam

FINAL VIDEO Twerk legs 26

7-11 brawl 27

Add this Book to the notes:

Kafka by Robert Crumb

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Notes posted a day late cuz I'm a bad mod and forgot.

Someone suggested adding Book of the Day to the notes, we passed it up the line to Gavin.