Sergeant Pleoger testimony (
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Pleoger was the sergeant who was supervisor of the 4 Floyd arrest officers. Defense did get him to say that normally Floyd would be fully restrained. Meaning no need to pin him down with the knee. But since paramedics were on the way and Floyd needed medical assistance, the full restraint was not used. Being fully restrained would have delayed medical assistance once the paramedics had arrived.

Lost opportunity however to challenge Pleoger as to why he was not on the scene. Put the blame, in the juries eyes, on the MPD. Initially it was the two rookie officers. They had trouble controlling Floyd. Which was when Chauvin arrived. If Chauvin could get there, why was the sergeant not able to? The two rookies worked for Pleoger, not officer Chauvin.

Push Pleoger to explain why MPD had 3 rookie officers working that day. Why push all the supervisory responsibility on Chauvin?

As it was Chauvin, a patrolman, had multiple responsibilities at the scene. Rookie officers who were not able to handle Floyd. An increasingly hostile crowd. A large man who was resisting arrest. A medical emergency. Late arriving paramedics. And no responding police supervisors.