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Bay City Rollers

Book The 5 Books of Moses an easy to read Torah Translation KTAV

Screaming match at the gym today. I think I may have hurt him.

Comments on yesterday’s show 10

My trip to WV was completely in vain. Bushwallers in Frederick MD 11 it’s half an hour from Harper’s Ferry Thanks Cassy!

J-Lo is over A-Rod for cheating. 12

Khloe Kardashian social media lies 13

Sheiks VS. Cheeks 14 let’s rate their buns

BIDEN 25% of our debt comes from past year 15

Drifting into socialism which young people love. They love worker’s rights much more than they love work 16

Look at the way Mayta responds 17

JEWS Three types of anti-semitism 1- random attacks because they’re easy prey (Hasids in Wmsbg). Same with Asian violence. 17B Asian Woman slapped 2 asian women slapped 17C

No rhyme or reason. (see Judith Thomas) 17D 2- Well-planned hatred with a bunch of shit behind it about gentrification and “we’re the real Jews.” Linked to NoI and BHI. Leads to actual shootings like the kosher deli in NJ or the shooting upstate or the violence in Crown Heights. 3- Blacks with authority who see jews as the ultimate whites and just hate them out of shallow, racist, resentment. This is the woman on the plane.

Old Jews have been attacking me recently. Theory, they have survivor’s guilt being the sons of Holocaust survivors and want to go out in a blaze of glory like Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino. A lot of the Trump-hating Jews are like this. They see white guys unashamed as the first step to the Fourth Reich. It’s a dumb theory but it dominates left wing media and even FBI behavior.

RACISM Ta - Neshi Coates - writing for comic books now. Kid’s books are much less challenging. Uh, they ARE great 18 but we’re taught they suck and they must take endless abuse. Even from chicks 19

Jordan Peterson is Red Skull (and me and Joe Rogan and Stefan Molyneaux and Cernovich etc) 20

BTW Captain America didn’t join because of the holocaust as the movie asserts. We didn’t know what was going on until well after which is why Gee Vaucher’s art is so joyous and macabre

Plea deal for women who killed Muslim Uber driver this is black privilege. They walk around like they own the place (Coates) - apparently they do. White males who wandered into the Capitol and milled around are facing 15-20 21

Chauvin update New footage shows he may have been on his shoulder blade 22 doesn’t matter. Rioters are incurious

GEORGIA Denver wins the punishment race. Are their elections so different? 23

COVID 60 Minutes completely FRAMED Ron DeSantis. Brutal editing 24 this is why everyone hates the media check out statement on it 25

Turns out Trump was right. You do need plenty of sunlight 26 Blacks suffer - not because of racism but because they lack vitamin D 27

FINAL VIDEO This isn’t a video but why is my dad a dog 28 29 Crazy man armed

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