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For those that don't know, Stefan Molyneux has been hosting the largest (I would call based) philosophy show in the world for like 10+ years. Aside from his atheism, I would argue that his values align 90% with Gavin/Censored/Us.

He's been de-platformed from the known universe. Had something insane like a billion+ views at the time of his YouTube cancellation, I just can't figure out why Gavin keeps flooding the network with these no-names and somehow let Stefan Molyneux get away (He recently signed on with

It just seems like Molyneux was so perfect for Censored.

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🤞please bring Tim Dillion into the fold🤞

coverband 1 point ago +1 / -0

Unathorized was probably a better fit financially and freedom wise.

Meths_Dirty_Cousin [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

Who knows... I'd love to know if Gavin even reached out to Stefan. It was such an obvious fit for so long, Especially after Stefan was finally banned from YouTube.

I guess we'll probably never know any of the behind the scenes stuff and i'm not saying we deserve to. Of course we don't. But fuck, Of all the people he added recently, I find it hard to believe that G-Dog couldn't meet Stef's price considering stef literally gave away his content for so. damn. long.