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I have followed Milo for years, but his content went down big time. His original Friday Night's All Right was a really good show now his show is nothing but a stupid Skype interview show.

The Atheist guy is pretty much the guy who puts out the most content.

Wayne Dupree I don't give a fuck about since his first day on Censored.Tv he decided to go on vacation.... I haven't trusted him since. How you are going to start a job and then go on vacation?

Jacob Wohl is a seriously great show that I enjoy watching every week.

Please bring in other people

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Milo betrayed Gavin, period. I hope he gets cancelled for good after this. Gavin was there when he hit rock bottom, now he sputs of this bs nonsense on Telegram like the little coward he is.

nugentthenext 3 points ago +3 / -0

Milo eventually betrays all of his allies. It's a recurring theme. The way he turns on and badmouths people that helped him along the way is what made me turn on him. I used to be a huge fan.

underzero0 3 points ago +3 / -0

And Gavin doesnt deserve it, Gavin is always loyal to his friends, and I believe he considered Milo a friend. What a fucktard.