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Hi all,

I'm here from and I am curious, where can I find local chapters for the PB? I've been thinking of joining the Masons (or Knights of Columbus) but like Gavin says, the lodges are basically a senior meet-up for 85 year old men.

I have no issue joining and being with apart of that type of fraternity, but something with some younger guys for a real mens club would be awesome.

Idk if there is something I can find on gab or parler, but if there is anyway to help find local chapters, etc, that would be awesome.


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Ok glowie

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wtf that mean?

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You have the internet available to you

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Got it. Ur a retard, but thats okay. I figured it is the least likely way to find out (clearly) but I got on the telegram group and will just find someone locally.

I understand the issue the group may have but doesn't mean I am (or how ever many OTHER people here) are glowies.

wtf kind of faggot name is that anyway?