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DemsHaveNoHomeHere [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Loved Gav's new list of annoyances!

Phones at the dinner table I have to say this really only bothers me when I'm taking a girl out and she wants to photo-document the entire thing. Selfie as we arrive, photo of each dish, photo eating dish, selfie as we leave. Enough ffs. So fucking sick of pictures/vids on dates it ruins living in the moment.

Water served with beverages This annoys the piss out me! My bar started doing this and wont take no for an answer. I told the bartender I'm not going to drink it and the more you nanny me the less generous I'll be to no avail. In restaurant settings i appreciate it as i only want water with certain foods but they should only serve water when asked.

Movie previews I basically have given up on modern films thanks to globohomo. But its rather annoying how they treat every major release like its star wars episode 1. The fanfare doesnt warrant a +1yr advance trailer.

Eastern telemarketers Ive actually dont mind them anymore as I use them like a verbal stress toy. I scream and insult them for lulz. Fuck them. When i was poor before acquiring a skilled trade I was a telemarketer and the level of standards they held us to would make any pajeet quit.

Staring at DJ's I raved back in the late 90s naughties and only hardcore fans and girls would pay any attention to the DJs. But the group of gazers grew and grew. My opinion is kids quit dancing, and with each generation it got worse and worse until you have a sea of zombies staring at the guy who pretends to play a live set.