Here's the deal... (media.gavinmcinnes.win)
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Here's the deal

that thing is the something but when it's cornpop i can't

so then whatever killed 120 billion really

and yeah

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Here's the deal for you and the shooter who was murdered by a man in a fantasy world of a sander of a sander that was the first to the effect on a dog that is not subjective and has been in a fantasy world war and a few months before the world series is the only one in this world that is the only way we are the rumors.

Thank you

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Here’s the deal, if we can grab white leg hairs until the engorge in the sun While I’m at the pool, the children can sit on my lap.

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Here's the deal with Germany to take the black sea supports my fleet in Norway by the Aegean in a bad news about your neighbors.

It's apparent I played a diplomacy game recently...