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Found out about him because of the ban and other youtubers talking about him, discovered the proud boys movement and what a breath of fresh air I had no idea there were so many other people who felt this way! Just signed up on censored.tv and watching now. I actually recently deleted my social media because of how alienated it was making me feel

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I'd start with his Rebel Media rants if they're still up

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I will check it out thanks

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The Gavin McInnes Show has some of the best moments ever.

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The only reason I haven't deleted my social media is because it's an easy way for me to fight back against the lefties but you're absolutely right, social media is basically lost to the left at this point. We have to have our one sites like .win to even communicate with eachother.

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Yeah they're not even pretending to allow honest discussion anymore. When people on the left are getting persecuted for not speaking out ENOUGH, you know we're not getting a fair shake.