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love gavin and milo but worth the cost?

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You're obviously going to get a biased opinion here. But if you're a fan of Gavin, you'll get your money's worth. And its really the only way to see anything from Milo. If all they had was GOML, I would still gladly still pay. The rest is just the cherry on top.

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can you really see Gavin anywhere else now that he was banned from youtube?

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Depends on your tastes, mate.

I havent watched anything other than "GOML" and "Beef Squad" and I think it's great value. (I could give a shit about the others tbh).

There's an expansive catalogue of past GOML episodes and new ones every weekday.

Milo's show isnt laugh-out-loud funny, but it's amusing. He's best suited for debating people instead of hosting a talk show imo.

What do you find funny? when's the last time you laughed out-loud at something?

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Should definitely watch AIU's videos man, incredibly good content.

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Thanks, Im sick of videos on people commenting on stuff atm

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It's $10/month. So, yeah.

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