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Who knows... I'd love to know if Gavin even reached out to Stefan. It was such an obvious fit for so long, Especially after Stefan was finally banned from YouTube.

I guess we'll probably never know any of the behind the scenes stuff and i'm not saying we deserve to. Of course we don't. But fuck, Of all the people he added recently, I find it hard to believe that G-Dog couldn't meet Stef's price considering stef literally gave away his content for so. damn. long.

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As a 30-something who worked in the mental health field in the early 00's, "Mentally retarded", Often used shorthand as "MR" was an accepted term at least until '09 when I noped the fuck out of that insane Marxist industry.

"Retarded" was absolutely an accepted term in the 80's. But of course the woke children will do what they always have done and look back several decades and judge people for using completely innocent wording of the time.

The reality of course being that these old fucks were part of a drinking/social club that raises many millions of dollars a year for the less fortunate (retards) of the world but they too shall be thrown under the bus of extremist-Left woke nonsense.

Fucking white terrorists...