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Fat wives. Also his wife is in the category of people most opposed to experimental drugs and useless government edicts, no?

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Pretty easy, but you have to time it right. Also, there is still a weird lag and echo on the phones, so try not to listen to yourself as you speak.

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Reminder: when every politician's spine had folded like cardboard in the rain, when the police had fallen back, and when, in the vacuum of law and order, leftist terrorists began setting America ablaze and attacking innocent citizens, a 17-year-old got his med-kit, an extinguisher, and his assault rifle.

That same 17-year-old went to Kenosha to put out fires, heal pinkos and patriots alike, and restore dignity to the country he loves. When attacked by a pedophile and several other terrorists twice his size and age, he kept his cool and fired only when he needed to, and when he fired, he hit his attackers as if he'd trained with SEAL Team 6.

He surrendered to the police peacefully after doing his patriotic duty, and then was slandered and persecuted for doing the right thing.

We salute Kyle Rittenhouse, and men and women like him.

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I used to write for Daily Caller, Virginia Star, and American Thinker, but the editors at American Greatness are really solid, so it's not my preferred go-to for submissions.