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lol yr dumb af if you think this was fake

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I'm on Ryan's side. A man can only take so much gaslighting and abuse.

If Ryan was so hot to punch a wall earlier that day, and then Gavin just decides to ride him harder and pile on him live on air it appears he wanted to make him quit, or just break him down more.

Gavin can't be a man and fire him he has to be passive aggressive and talk about how he should be subservient and insult him on air?

That's not how leadership or being a boss works.

I love Gavin but he's a drunk narcissistic asshole. And all you shitting on Ryan are stupid fucking lemmings.

If Gavin thinks Ryan is so fucking incompetent why didn't he hire a real producer/engineer to design the new studio.

Lost all respect for Gavin when he let his family get the vax. I bet he got it himself too, fucking pussy. He mentioned having a vax card on Cumia.

Fuck you, Gavin. At least Ryan's daughter looks like him.