Gavin said he doesnt like him anymore and apparently he also pushed him at some point?

To be specific, i am not talking about the audio podcast named "On the inside, i'm a four"

Recently(October maybe?) a caller from the Live Show asked him a question about steve and their friendship and Gavin sorta made a nice monologue about friendship that i would like to revisit and listen again.


1 We need the "death of cool" movie even if there is the logo on top

2 We need the GOML audio podcast back. It was awsome when Gav was ranting about stuff. I know he already does too much content and added the Anthony cumia show, but maybe he can do a 40 minute audio podcast every 2 weeks? Or even once a month. No ryan, no calls, no mail b. Just Gav shooting the shit

I've seen people asking these questions so I know i am not the only one, so if anyone wants to bring it up on the live show it would be awsome. I cant because i live in europe and its a totally different time zone. I already sent this to the mail B



After parler got banned he never said anything about being on Gab even though it seems like its the only option now. Even on his telegram, the last post is about praler's ban. I found a Gavin Mcinnes on Gab but last post is from 2017. He needs to come back.


I believe i speak for all of us but commuting and watching GOML makes my day better. What i do not like however, is missing a minute or 2 and hearing laughter from G dog and Ry-Guy, and when i try to rewind it to catch the joke that i missed, the stupid tiny bar rewinds like 15 minutes. Ahh, that's ok, i think to myself. Honest mistake. Just tap the bar a little bit forward and you'll be good to go, right? Nope, actually now i just fast forward 33 minutes. And it keeps going like this. It would be super helpful if you could add this feature to the app guys. Please and thank you