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I have privately held suspicions regarding thedonald.win mods, I have shared this with the mod team at various times, some in the past week, some many many months ago.

Apparently, thedonald.win was registered to one mod, who has since left the mod team on TD. They said they would share the domain and did not. u/Doggos made a post a week ago telling you that if you are logged out of your account, use a fake password to see if it works as a security measure.

In the same post xir also said that nothing should change including the site domain. 1 week later the domain of thedonald.win was routed to the new patriots.win only to have the owner of the domain redirect it away from patriots.win... and per the post we were told not to trust it should this happen (it did).

I have wanted to know who is behind the win for many reasons, one curiosity, the other - who the fuck is running this place and why can't we know as we do know with other SM. TD mods have always kept other mods at a distance and in my opinion (rightly so) haven't addressed concerns mods had.

I do not know who runs the wins and I sure as fucking shit do NOT trust this high school drama. Some may notice I have been less active, it was due to what I believe was a doxxing incident. I do not know who attempted to do this, but I did have to consider that it could have been from the win as I have been openly disagreeable and critical (also rightly so).

I'd use caution and consider that this is some SHADY MOTHER FUCKIN' shit the day after a fake inauguration and CCP has taken over. I would consider using extreme caution, and worst case scenario that this is a FBI honeypot now.

Until the ^^^ can be rationally explained, consider the worst case scenario.

Thedonald.win will redirect to some site IDK (it will eventually propagate)

patriots.win is now the "new" site

If it looks like fuckery, walks like fuckery...it's fuckery.

"Today is a big day - after five years, The Donald has rebranded to Patriots.win"


An article that wasn't addressed by Doggos, because he wanted specific questions, when the specific questions was, would you care to address this:


TheDonald.Win has been identified by law enforcement and analysts as an important online staging platform for the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol that federal prosecutors are investigating as a seditious act and President-Elect Biden characterized as domestic terrorism.

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It has been a trap from the beginning.

And, I have little to nothing to lose in saying that I think all those "Sunday Gunday" threads were also traps. The "Establishment" got caught with their pants down in 2016.


(even further out: maybe not?)

But let's assume they didn't plan for Trump to win. And were surprised.

"Got caught with their pants down."

Still not sure how but this is the same collection of agencies responsible for

toppling foreign countries, soaking the world in blood and a half dozen color

revolutions, ffs. Does anyone think running a social forum, online, is outside their

reach? (hi, glowies!) Of course not.

Nobody asked any questions when Reddit insta-banned 3-4 mods over at The_Donald sub and replaced them with...? We're talking the sole remaining (sic) Super Power of planet Earth. Who is president of that!

People get killed over a pair of shoes.

This is hundreds of billions of dollars and the literal fate of the world, lol.

So, imagine your wildest Iran Contra conspiracy theories and go from there.

Almost nothing is too far fetched.

By the way, how's yalls livers, spleen, eyeballs doing and what's your blood types?

Asking for the CCP agent who has a gun to the back of my head right now.