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I still like Dick. Unfortunately he’s wrong on this one bc he jerks off too much.

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I actually feel both sides of this. Even though Gavin is a cheap Scott, like me, at some point you got to learn you get what you pay for. I think Dick is a dumbass, but basically, it sounds like both of them just didn't create a solid work contract.

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What a loser, he's upset he had to work on a job he signed up for? Absolute STATE of men in this country.

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Yeah he sounded like a price of shit

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What a loser

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Someone posted on reddit that Dick (Dax Herrera) killed a child in a drunk driving accident when he was a teen. They said it was Dick mentioned in these articles.

a) Dax mentioned owning a truck in high-school (on the biggest problem podcast)

b) he mentioned on the podcast having had a 'fucked up' ankle

c) its not outside the realm of possibility that he drove up to Oregon with someone (he lived around that area)

d) I thought he would have been around 19 at the time of the drink driving (or he lied to the person taking the statement?)

e) he's made no secret of the fact he drinks and drives, even showing pride in his ability to drink and drive even after badly crashing his car as discussed in one episode of the biggest problem podcast.

f) what was said to the mother of the injured child sounds like something Dick would say at that age

IDK how to check this.

Someone could find out who the car was registered to (Dick has said his family are Dotty, Art and Ashley, so if its registered to one of them = evidence).

It would be interesting to find Dax/Dick has a criminal record for drunk driving manslaughter of a child in Oregon, anyone here have access to a police database? lol