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I am going to explain why women get half in a divorce. I get so frustrated when I see men wanting "traditional" relationships and then complaining about divorce rape. Divorce rape is a traditional setup. Gavin and Anthony were talking about this recently, and Gavine almost got there.

First, let me start by saying, if there are no children and the woman continually works, yes it is completely wrong for a woman to get half a man's money in a divorce. (However, and this is a big HOWEVER a traditional marriage means all money is the marriage's money. So, if you want a real traditional marriage setup, there technically is not the man's money or women's money.)

If there are children and the woman is a housewife (you know what everyone wants) then she absolutely, 100% is entitled to half all marital assets.

I will explain with my own story. I was a stay-at-home mom for one year, just one year, but that one year out of the workforce cost me being vested in a pension and moving up continually at my place of work. I gladly gave that up to be with my children, my husband did not lose these benefits and was able to become vested and continually make more money in his position.

The housework I did IS paid work in that the Husband pays for it. This is what we want, right? If by chance my husband and I divorce we each are entitled to half the marriage's assets because we were a team (again what we want, right guys?).

I hope this helps clarify things. I love men, I love husbands, I don't anyone deserves to be "divorce raped" but a woman getting half "the man's" income is not always wrong, in fact, it is the right thing to do if the housewife is in fact "venerated".

Thank you and merry xmas. :*

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Thanks for the heads up, Captain Obvious.

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