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So I was a loyal fan. After the pandemic hit they still had people come in but Milo changed his format to be more of an interview type show. He stopped doing his comic bits like the fat people falling and focused more on interviews. Then he completely came out of the studio and focused on his new format which was shit

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I like the format but the cynical nature of the show annoys me. Maybe they will grow on me like Gary?

We got a guy who must remind us that he is Jewish every five fucking minutes

We got the girl who loves to claim she’s different and thinks different and how she wants to get into politics one day

Rinse and repeat with them saying the same thing for an hour using different words but talking about the same fucking talking points.

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Gavin has been mentioning it for awhile. Gavin has stated many times he missed Milo’s old format. I used to love waiting around for Milo’s Friday show.

I was a Milo fan during and after gamergate and one thing that destroyed Milo was when he took a break and got lazy and only came back to do that stupid art thing. He gave his enemies the time and space they needed to cancel him completely.

Milo had a great show but he got lazy. Milo used to have a great show after the fact when we went solo but dude got lazy and stopped making content and then came back with FreeSpeech.Tv/Censored.TV

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If there is one thing I am it’s consistent. First impressions are everything and my first impression of dude on his first day as I got ready to watch was the guy filling in for him because he went on vacation on his first day.

Yeah I hold grudges 😂

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Pretty much Gavin has been mentioning it for months that he misses Milo’s old format. I have been posting here saying the same thing. This is long over due

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He stopped doing that when he did the interviews his original show had a great format but then he stopped doing live shows and before he stopped he changed the interview style to let other people do more talking

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How long ago was that since Milo hasn’t done a real show in quite a while

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One person who claims they are apart of the group says it’s dissolving.

So with that logic since I am a member of censored.tv I am going to say censored.tv is dissolving!

By that logic it must mean one random person saying something must be true

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I have an iPhone XS with no problems. What phone do you have and version? If you have an iPhone 6 or 7 or another older phone hint hint

If it’s a droid then your having droid problems.

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No I don’t believe in legal trickery. It’s like me as a Catholic saying I am going to sin but go to confession to get around the sin without repenting.

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She thought doxing conservative children was worth the money until that back fired and the left rejecting her. Conservative Inc sold you a story about an amazing black woman and you fell for it. So my post in this thread for what I mean

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I disagree Candice Owens is a grifter. It’s hard to say she believes in this movement because she seized an opportunity and took it.

For those who don’t know Candace Owens entered the spot light around 2013 during GamerGate as a Leftist Democrat. She built a website that was to be used to dox conservative children who say mean and hurtful stuff.

It just so happens the leftist lady (Zoe Quinn) who caused GamerGate to happen and shifted half a generation from blue Democrat leftists to Republicans because of her horrible actions.

Zoe Quinn came out and demanded she shut down the website because it could be used against the left. Candace Owens was attacked and pushed out of the left and was attacked off the internet for two years.

Candace Owens admitted this origin story to the right only once on Dave Rubin because later on she would never again speak about gamergate so it wouldn’t ruin her new ‘career’ keep reading


Candace Owens would later reinvent herself as RedPillBlack and that’s what would would know her as until Dave Rubin.

When she went on Dave Rubin some months after being featured everywhere as a black girl rebel against the left.... the interview caused people to remember that Candace Owens was the one who built that dox site (at that time it was still operationally and working) against conservative children.

At this point the main players of gamergate remembered her like Sargon and others. Blaire White even came on a stream to comment on the situation.

At this point Candice went into damage control mode she was pissed and demanded a debate against what Candice would say was her weakest and easiest critic, Blaire White.

Enter the hour and thirty minute bitch fight on Dave Rubin between Candice Owens and Blaire White.


The video went real bad for Candice and Blaire would later comment that Candice walked out of there furious claiming, ‘this will not end my career’

From there RedPillBlack was dead and Candice Owens remained and she would never again comment about her beginnings with gamergate and what pushed her to be a conservative.

Blaire would later say the debate ruined her relationship with Dave as Dave hitched his wagon with Candice. After this you also saw less of Blaire White as Conservative INC had to product it’s product Candice Owens.

As a white man who only dates black women and understand both cultures on what’s attractive and what’s not. She’s eye candy for white people and her looks make her more marketable to white people in general which is why she does real well.

Is Candice a grifter? Maybe. 🤔 It’s true the left literally threw her out during gamergate and yeah she did seize an opportunity.

I mean wouldn’t you? She was trying to get into the public spotlight as a leftist social justice warrior to attack conservative children and that got thrown out and she made something work.

Do I trust her? I’ll put it to you like this I used to trust Dave Cullin until he had a crazy grifter woman control an event he said was his and it turned into a huge scam. (see Kilroy)

Also never forget Candice Owens tried to build her career on doxing personal information of your children by posting conservative kids personal info. I don’t trust her at all

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Is this the website? I am still waiting for my FOID to be approved. I applied in June and we haven't heard anything since


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There is a legal loophole in Judaism on what’s considered cheating or a violation of God’s Commandments. It’s not adultery if they are not human. In Judaism if you are a goyim you are not human. That’s why Hasidic Jews are known to visit prostitutes and catch various diseases and still be in good standing.

Now if he was to commit adultery with a Jewish woman which is considered by Jews an actual human then it would be a violation.

It’s kind of like how Jews will own a shabbos goy (Non-Jew) and have them do all the things a Jew can’t do during the sabbath. It’s a nice legal loop hole in God’s law according to them.



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Nvm Ryan admitted on a guitar stream it was faked

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If you have a toddler in the background crying please don’t call people. It’s painful to listen to that 😂

I did call centers for seven years and I get flash backs to people who call in with loud babies crying, people calling on a speaker phone and no one can hear each other. 😂

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They need to get that manufacture to sponsor the show. I’d buy that

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The only thing Parler has over Gab is the app. The problem is on iPhones unless you jailbreak it and use a custom OS you can’t get gab on your iPhone and the bookmark trick doesn’t help since you really don’t get notifications and other features the average person wants.

Parler will go downhill when they remove the app from people’s download history on Android and iPhones.

Parler is an inferior product compared to gab but having an app is a big deal.

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The biggest issue is conservatives get kicked off all the app stores. Apps are the easiest way to use a site rather then the mobile site.

2nd biggest issue is the domain registrars. If a conservative website becomes to big the liberal gatekeepers can pull your .com or website down. This happened to gab.

3rd biggest issue which might seem like it should be the 2nd major one but it isn’t is that the major server providers refuse to host or stop hosting conservatives sites. Right now there is only one major server farm that allows conservative content on its service and both gab and now Parler are on it. So if you notice the networking issues or slow service that’s because they are all on the same server and adding servers as the need arises.

What you also have to understand is if you have an up incoming company who publicly says they will be an alternative no one will sell that Corporation anything.

In the United States as for internet services the cheapest and fastest internet service is cable internet. The problem is because of Title II you have a government controlled monopoly in various areas because conservatives 40 years ago decided it would be a good idea to have local governments decide which company can operate in a given area so no progressive can open up shop.

Before the 2000s every area code had a different cable provider. So if you were in Chicago and went to a suburb and different cable company would control the area.

After Comcast say the value of cable cable internet they and other major cable companies like Time Warner bought up all the local companies and since they had big money they could bank roll the local politicians to the point they would not be kicked out.

So if you wanted to start up a better quicker cable internet service you have to seek permission from every single local government for permission which even for large and rich corporations that is an almost impossible task.

Google Fi had to stop its expansion because it became to costly and difficult to enter in new territories due to the big cable companies buying out the local politicians.

It might sound like it’s easy to start up a new and better business but depending on laws like Title II it’s almost impossible. Anyone who tries the liberals will say your company is trying to prevent poor people from getting internet and from the conservatives you’ll be accused of trying to stop rural towns from getting internet because Title II forces companies they are permitted to operate also to barely service poor and rural areas.

So that’s why America has old internet technology that seems like it’s from 2002. The only time the cable industry ever has to innovate is when companies like Google Fi are allowed to operate in your area

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Wait did they go up? I’m all for paying more but let’s talk about shit shows that are more or less Skype shit interview shows.

Milo’s show has sadly turned into that.... do we really need that show if it keeps going this route? I’m hoping this turns around.

Wayne Dupree Show I am biased because I am still pisses this dude announces a new show on Censored.TV and then he instantly goes on vacation. Wtf his show is a Skype interview low effort show.

The Atheist Guy deserves a fricken raise as he puts more effort then Wayne Dupree. The Atheist guy is constantly putting out content non stop.

Jacob Wohl is a great insider show.

Beef Squad is putting out content though I sadly do not watch.

Dusty Brogan I have not watched yet.

Rude Britannia I haven’t watched as I am not into British politics

Loomered actually needs to put out some content

Soph is putting out good content

Gary needs to actually read the questions and stop trying to rush out.

Lotus haven’t watched.

I’m all for paying more but we got a lot of content from Censored.TV where the shows are just not living up to what Gavin, The Atheist Guy, Soph, and Jacob put into the network. The people I have not mentioned or mentioned here that I haven’t watched their content or not interested due to differing politics I am not referring to them.

If I were the Atheist guy I would be demanding a raise with what he’s putting into the network. He’s the only one besides Gavin that’s Churning out decent content.

But we got those who are barely putting out content or if it’s content it’s low effort.

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For one masks don't work it's better for everyone to get this and get over it. I lucked out in 2009 and lost my job because of the financial crisis with my job going overseas which meant I lost my health care and I had to suffer through that with over the counter shit.

Being that I am currently in public health and I know the players behind the scenes I'm not nervous nor afraid.

Because I work with people who deal with superbugs and because of my past I'm more susceptible I caught a superbug in 2009 a hospital-related superbug that is way more dangerous and deadly than COVID-19. I'm not worried

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