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Dont get me wrong. Glad he's back. But isn't the incongruity just glaring?

couldve been honest with us the whole time he was on them? Like Steve-0?

How many lectures/events do you think he gave off his tits on Benzos? :)

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BasedOnWhat 5 points ago +5 / -0

He was doing everything he was told to by his psychiatrist, the reason he had massive withrdawal symptoms is because he had a rare reaction to benzos which caused withdrawal symptoms even though he didn't change his dose, his family has a rare autoimmune disorder as well which may have been a factor. Benzos are very addicting even on a low dose and he was on a high dose and forced to withdrawal cold turkey due to this. This is all in his and his daughters previous updates, I haven't watched the brand new video, but he has stayed consistent with his message, he has always advocated for medication to help with mental illness which is the job of a psychiatrist. Whether you agree with him or not is another matter, but he is in no way a hypocrite because he had an adverse reaction to prescribed medication.

MCBOOSTY25 [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

I mean Peterson is cool, not shitting on the whole internet "surrogate father figure thing" im just being a stick in the grass.

The "rare case" i have my doubts about. Like the "rare" case of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis? Same drugs basically. Its textbook just like former and latter are. Its an almost cliché at this point as a convenient famous drug user's excuse for a high tolerance/problems that ensue.

Look up why Meg White of the White stripes could not continue touring in 07' leading to the breakup of the band on the Heels of a #1 hit song. Same same same.

Benzos have a very specific way they fuck you up long term. I know that, you telling me Dr. Peterson wasnt aware of this? BULLLLSHIIT

My case is simply this:

Shouldnt Dr. Peterson have noticed the changes being enacted unto himself by said benzos? Shouldnt he have noticed the addiction intensifying and nipped it in the bud. "Cleaned out his (nonphysical) room" so to speak?

That is after all the whole thesis of his message.

He instead leaned into them like a crutch feeding into an abuse cycle.

markolbb 3 points ago +3 / -0

Yeah that's what I was saying, if he wasn't abusing them then it's not hypocritical. I just don't follow him enough to know whether he was or not.