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SHOW NOTES - INTOXICATED EFFORT For those I love - Top Scheme 11 another jam 12

book PUNK - Jonah Kugelberg

Oxygen Dateline: secrets uncovered Just like “The staircase” 13 staircase 14

my new simp crush Prosecutor Lisette Suder 15

speaking of tits. Billie Eilish is a slut now don’t blame her. Paps had some bad pics out there of her she’s 19 16 and the chick in Game of Thrones is shooting a new show about punk she’s 24 17

Syrian dude stuck on boat in Egypt for FOUR YEARS!!! 18

SPORTS TALK Kids’ baseball - diff between 8 and 12 is shocking Amazing Mets game last night

RUIZ FIGHT What the fuck is this guy wearing? 19 scroll down. Fighting in the stands. Lots of Mexicans at my gym. They fight weird. more fights in the stands 20 Arreola lost. No idea what he’s talking about. 21 Butterface?

ANTIFA / BLM Look at the state of these absolute clowns. Eyelashes, death stare, stupid wheelchair dog 22 They shut down the roads - didn’t work 23 Vegan butcher shop 24 Same sentence Max and John got for fighting antifa

DEAD COPS Say his name: Christopher Farrar 25 say his name: Anastasios Tsakos 26


Kirsten Clarke, Biden’s nominee to head civil rights at the DOJ, has a history of black nationalism, and sympathy for racism and antisemitism 27 Black people superior to white people, and that “human mental processes” in the brain have chemicals that imbue one race with “superior physical and mental abilities” and “spiritual abilities.” “I got the extermination blues, jew-boys. I got the Hitler syndrome figured… So come for the rent, jewboys, or come ask me for a book, or sit in the courts handing down your judgements still I got something for you, gonna give it to my brothers, so they’ll know what your whole story is, then one day, jewboys, we all, even my wig wearing mother gonna put it on you all at once.”

“We are all beautiful (except white people, they are full of, and made of shit),” Amiri Baraka wrote. “Come up, black dada / nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape / their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats,” he wrote.

Critical race theory dies in Texas 28

Still clinging to colleges but who the fuck believes this shit? (so cunty) 29 cops are murderers Chelsea Handler believes it. Tweeted that there’s a 50/50 chance you will die

GREEN SCREEN Queef Latina intoxicates people with her powerful energy 30

FINAL VIDEO WTF? I love white men now 41 actor had to “beat off” a lot of guys 43

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Whats the website Ryan uses to watch Suburbia?