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I have followed Milo for years, but his content went down big time. His original Friday Night's All Right was a really good show now his show is nothing but a stupid Skype interview show.

The Atheist guy is pretty much the guy who puts out the most content.

Wayne Dupree I don't give a fuck about since his first day on Censored.Tv he decided to go on vacation.... I haven't trusted him since. How you are going to start a job and then go on vacation?

Jacob Wohl is a seriously great show that I enjoy watching every week.

Please bring in other people

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He just kinda casually dropped the fact Milo was leaving on Tuesdays show. It was weird

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Gavin has been mentioning it for awhile. Gavin has stated many times he missed Milo’s old format. I used to love waiting around for Milo’s Friday show.

I was a Milo fan during and after gamergate and one thing that destroyed Milo was when he took a break and got lazy and only came back to do that stupid art thing. He gave his enemies the time and space they needed to cancel him completely.

Milo had a great show but he got lazy. Milo used to have a great show after the fact when we went solo but dude got lazy and stopped making content and then came back with FreeSpeech.Tv/Censored.TV