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On last week's live show, Gavin did a sponsor read for a conservative dating app called Drom (I didn't catch tonight's live show yet; maybe there was another read). I started creating an account, and then got a weird feeling. With people being labeled domestic extremists for disagreeing with covid regulations, or questioning election results, Gavin's audience is pretty much right in the crosshairs. He's come right out and said he knows the show is being monitored. What if the new sponsor is the FBI dangling the promise of meeting sexy ladies in exchange for us volunteering our names, emails, phone numbers, etc? They'd have a self-reporting group of "domestic extremists" served up on a platter for easy surveillance. What do you guys think?

I wrote in to the mailbag to see if Gavin knows the Drom developers, or can somehow vouch for them. I don't think he's seen the letter.

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Didnt Jim just introduce a scat dating website? Hopefully its a parody of the "conservative" e-hoe site Gav promoted.