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I'm married to a black woman, from my perspective you're doing it wrong.

  1. WTF do your inlaws have to do with your daily life. If they have TDS let them seethe elsewhere.

  2. I'm assuming you're not living with them, so if they're visiting your house politely point out that you disagree with their opinions and while their welcome to have them keep it to a minimum while they're visiting your house where you're the head of the household. (Obviously reciprocate in their house). The point is you're paying the bills here so you have a right not to hear bullshit in your own house.

  3. Where you live should make you comfortable. If you can't put your white things, what ever they are, around the house you're not comfortable. Why is your wife even considering that bs theory any way doesn't she realize that it will make your kids disrespect you too?

  4. She knew what she was getting when she married you, if she has a problem following the lead of a white man she wouldn't have married you. (Also, are africans chauvinistic so she has to listen to how you want the house run). It's not like you can stop being white, so all of that intersectionality, ally bullshit should be forbidden in your house.

  5. Don't argue with her about politics, just watch Gavin, Shapiro, owens, Crowder in the open and let them make the argument. Show her sjw freakouts. When people argue they dig in their heels, when they observe, they reconsider.

My wife and her sister recently told me they're both voting trump. I didn't have a singular political arguement with them. My in-laws are still die hard Democrats but I don't care. My wife is currently trying to convince her dad that Joe Biden is a pedophile with dementia. So you're doing it wrong.

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This is the formula for my son is on the cover of a magazine:

  1. Look at the magazine lovingly like it's not the most humiliating thing that exists
  2. Look up slowly with that joyous disbelief
  3. Take one last look at the magazine to make sure it is still true.
  4. Smile as if you were told your cancer has miraculously disappeared
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I think the funniest burn to Trans Kramer is that the news didn't even blur out this chemical induced transtits