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MailGuardTracker.com can be used to track mail/letters sent to Joe. You've gotta register through the website, and then they give you a special number to add to your return address that will give you email updates as the mail get there, is reviewed and is eventually passed on to Joe.

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Mail letters or correspondence to:


Joseph Biggs - 202100002744

PO Box 1907

Pinellas Park, Florida 33780

Inmate Information

Booking #: 202100002744


Jailed at: Seminole County Jail

Money may be posted to an inmate account by one of the following:

  1. Online/Web: Visit http://AccessCorrections.com which accepts Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards.

  2. Phone: Call 1-866-345-1884 – Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards accepted. Bilingual agents are available 24/7.

More info at: https://www.seminolesheriff.org/WebBond/inmate.aspx?bookingnumber=202100002744

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Budweiser Boxing Beer Stein (CS322)

I tried sending them a Budweiser Boxing Beer Stein , but they never gave me an address to send it to when I emailed them multiple times.

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I live in Nelson County, VA and work in Charlottesville, VA --- in grocery stores like Kroger & places like Walmart & Lowes, you don't need a mask at all, but almost everyone around you wears one. I personally never wear them and nobody ever says a word (no customers, no cashiers, etc)

I've seen some of the nicer type restaurants use nonsense like QR codes to view the menu and DO NOT have a paper menu option ----- whereas, if you go to a more salt of the earth restaurant, they might ask you to put on a mask as you walk the 10 feet from the door to a table, but otherwise you don't need a mask.

You can swim in rivers and hike, and you certainly don't need masks there, but some morons still where them outside.

The big thing is even if morons wear masks themselves outside, others don't and nobody is going to even mention masks outside.

Inside most stores --- I just don't wear a mask, regardless of how many signs they have, and I force them to confront me, which few do. If any restaurant or store are real mask nazis, I'd leave and not give them your money.