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He sounds like an honest guy. Wish he did not have to be so apologetic about the magazine charge. There is no evidence he has ever been armed at a public event. Legal gun owners are remarkably responsible people and no threat to the public.

Consider that prosecutors would clear him if he gave them something. They would love to bring RICO charges against Gavin.

Gavin says Proud Boys should just be men's club. But then says ok to provide security. Just shows the ridiculous position democrats are placing people in. Appearing at public rallies is fun, interesting and important. And when you appear, you have to be organized. Otherwise you can easily find yourself in an outnumbered situation.

So yeah, a men's club that advocates for political freedom, personal responsibility, discussion of the world you are growing into - it it natural and good to attend, even organize a protest rally from time to time. Also a great way to recruit new members. And remember, the club is there to help men stay connected and get guidance on focusing their life. The more members the better.

The lay low defense in the face of criminal charges does not work. The conviction and jail time of the guys in NY State is clear evidence of that. To be charged with trespassing at a political rally?? Give me a break. You are trespassing to force the elected leaders to listen to your POV.

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I'm surprised at the amount of people who take the typical criminals position on informing. "He's a rat!" "Fuck snitching!"

How about fuck criminals?

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but then you have to make a decision as to what a crime is. And who makes that judgment. Is carrying an empty gun magazine a crime? Or a person selling drugs to others who knew what they were buying?

or heck, are you a criminal if you are in an organized group and beat up members of Antifa in a street fight?

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Enrique was about as apologetic as he could be from what i could tell. Gavs got good reason to be wishy washy with anything he says at this point. Also, there is a media angle to this that is advantageous

If he was an informant the whole time, you could say the whole of the PBs was essentially sanctioned by the FBI.

Kindve like how Gavin says Canada accidentally created real neo-nazis in their attempt to infiltrate those organizations back in the 80s

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Gavin should have never steppped down. His plan of lowering the profile of PB not only didn’t work, but it blew up in his face when he was replaced by a fed. Gavin seemed to legitimately see it as a proud group of western chauvinists that hung out drinking and feeling safe in numbers to wear MAGA hats and be who they are in public. He is 100% right that the rallies and political action stuff killed it. I am not a member though, so I probably shouldn’t be speaking on it, I am just a huge fan of Gavin and the way he described the PB. Hopefully the club will bounce back after Enrique steps down and people move on from this political mania that has taken over the country since 2015.

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i found myself in the midst of PB Atwater chapter on election night 2016. They were just having the best fucking time at that bar I was at, and laughing at Hillary supporters who were completely shitting their pants; shit was way better back then than this rally shit.

Drinking club. Mens Club. Fun jokes. Real talk. MAGA dudes. thats it.

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Yeah, I feel like PB was better when it was advertised as a group for MAGA guys to hang out, drink beers, and be proud to be themselves instead of being some sort of political movement. It is a shame really.

Strongocho 3 points ago +6 / -3

He is still a snitch and rat. I love the PB, but can never get behind a snitch. I 100% support turning in human traffickers, but not in this context, not to save your own ass.

If Enrique investigated and turned in these guys on his own, I support that, but doing it to save your own ass is dishonorable IMO.

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I havent been able to watch the interview but I how does anybody get to know human traffickers if you arent in some shit yourself? Idk. I will watch it and then provide a more informed comment, but I know Cubans both here and the US and none are acquainted with human traffickers and havent been arrested for being involved in any illegal activity. I think Gav should run a thorough background check before a new head for the PB is appointed/elected.

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Yeah, I haven't been on here for a bit cause I've been moving employment positions, but after I listened to that interview I wanted to come on here and post "NOTHING ENRIQUE SAYS MAKES ANY SENSE!! COME ON GAVIN!"

I guess I'm alone in that. Everything he said was too complicated to be true. I know Gavin mentioned he was going on an interview tour, I hope he does. This would be the only way I think Gav could ever trust him again.

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GPSPROUD 1 point ago +4 / -3

Not a big fan but I agree that he has been treated like shit. I think it was a mistake to not be more forthcoming when accepting the role of chairman. The media lies about us already so I feel that not being forthcoming early on jeopardized the club. The man is also a brother so I'm going to have his back for now, but it might be time for a change.

My opinions are my own and in no way reflect my chapter in any way.