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Enrique was about as apologetic as he could be from what i could tell. Gavs got good reason to be wishy washy with anything he says at this point. Also, there is a media angle to this that is advantageous

If he was an informant the whole time, you could say the whole of the PBs was essentially sanctioned by the FBI.

Kindve like how Gavin says Canada accidentally created real neo-nazis in their attempt to infiltrate those organizations back in the 80s

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i found myself in the midst of PB Atwater chapter on election night 2016. They were just having the best fucking time at that bar I was at, and laughing at Hillary supporters who were completely shitting their pants; shit was way better back then than this rally shit.

Drinking club. Mens Club. Fun jokes. Real talk. MAGA dudes. thats it.

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some of the best food has the courtesy of looking like shit before i turn it into shit. I consider that a rebate.

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MILO has been falling off this past year. Used to watch all the TIME! Ever since he stopped terrorizing his interns in NY. He's been a PUSS IN BOOTS