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I'm not convinced that too many ppl will show up besides the diehard sycophants.

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if you're worried about your phone data.

WTF are you even talking about? Who said anything about "phone data"? What does that even mean? You're literally making shit up in your mind you fucking tool.

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Gavin provides top-tier content almost every day of the week.

Does he really though?

Can you honestly say that Gavin has made a point or had an independent thought in the last 2+ years that made you go "Hmmm, Yeah! I never thought about it like that!"?

Really look at what his shows have devolved into. It's low-rent stunts with drooling octogenarians, an obese, IQ 75 former Hells Angel, Gavin telling you about his obscure garbage music and using words he doesn't understand the meanings of.

His politics are Mitt Romney-level of milquetoast. It's not anything that is new or interesting for anyone with an IQ above room temperature. Maybe that's why you're so entertained by it?

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Whatever you say bub.

The content that made Gavin famous among the alt-right wasn't incoherent octogenarians ranting about inconsequential shit and tricking subs into downloading 2 hour shows that are literally nothing.

You wanna keep paying for that garbage, be my guest. I'm gonna spend my fag money elsewhere.

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It's just another low-rent prank like Ryan getting fired.

The shows are taped and posted so somebody had to upload that shit sandwich. Basically screwing everyone that downloaded that ep. thinking they were getting a show when in reality, it's just a shitty blank audio for 2 hours.

True to form, Gavin will never answer for it and it will just be forgotten until the next time he decides to pull some bullshit like this. Between this and the constant addition of mentally ill old women who ramble on about nonsense, It's wearing REALLY thin for me.

It's not funny. Gavin is changing and it's not for the better...