In 2009 they said she had dementia in the initial paperwork to get her under a temporary conservatorship. However no paperwork was filed with the upcoming hearing making it permanent in support of the claim and never has. She has choreographed her own Vegas shows and been instrumental in their success working 7 days a week for years.

Docs say she has dementia in order to get her under conservatorship:

Court docs for permanent conservatorship (section 9) do not claim dementia here, unmarked. They say she can’t feed, shelter, maintain physical health…while doing that for herself and dozens of others?

Lynn Spears has filed paperwork in support of Britney in an effort to remove Jaimie Spears as Conservator. Britney has not had a relationship with Lynn in more than a decade. Lynn Spears says, Jaimie has microscopic management over Britney and has, denying her simple shit like coffee. Lynn wants Jaimie out. However, Britney wants her entire family investigated for living off of her. She has requested a CPA, professional conservator estate planner, and forensic accountant, Jason Rubin to review all of the accounting for the past decade.

Why did the Judge not grant the end of the conservatorship in June. Her Court appointed lawyer, (Sam Ingram III) of 13 years didn’t file the paperwork as required, even though he had been instructed by Spears. Sam made $6,000,000 off of Britney and is nothing more than the equivalent of a whore in the street as far as attorneys are concerned. He has no formidable reputation and was even allowed to hire Loeb and Loeb another law firm to assist him, while never doing as his client instructed. Instead. He was keeping it going.

The judge had no motion to rule on, therefore, keeping the current status quo as the status quo. Judge Penny said as much, there needed to be a motion. Sam Ingram has since quit and Britney has for the first time been able to pick her own counsel. A former and very well known Federal prosecutor Rosengart.

From 2014-2021 Britney made HUNDREDS of millions of dollars more. This is only a recap up to 2014 regarding her money. But her fortune has remained flat even though she’s made hundreds of millions more since 2014. $100 billion on fragrance sales, only 35% is a royalty to Elizabeth Arden or Brand Sense. Britney is the LLC not the person.

2014, Spears revealed that her estate had a value of $46 million. That disclosure came about in court documents when her net worth was placed in conservatorship, basically to protect her from herself. Doing the math on all Spears’ earnings from 1998 through 2016 tells a very different story however. All else being equal, Spears should have a 2016 net worth of $267 million. That may make it seem like Spears lost $205 million, but because of tax calculations, she actually lost a much higher $290 million.

The Britney Spears net worth total comes from $324 million in concert earnings, $44 million from albums, $6 million from singles, $19 million from YouTube and $140 million from merchandise like her 19 different fragrances. There’s also $132 million in endorsement money. If that seems like a lot more than we stated above, it is. Including acting and Vegas money, Spears has earned a grand total of $670 million in her lifetime. Taxes and regular expenses chop out $337 million. Extravagant losses take away a staggering $290 million.

2014 Albums$44,351,244




Britney Spears YouTube Channel$22,325,842



Business Deals$4,000,000

Total Britney Spears Earnings$672,587,422

Britney Spears Salary (average)$35,399,338

Britney Spears Salary 2016$20,980,269




Britney Spears Net Worth$64,993,868

While having dementia, Britney has:

2008 Just one month after being deemed incapable, Britney goes back to work.

Does a MTV DOC; For The Record airs and Britney says that her life is “too in control.”

Britney’s sixth album, “Circus,” is released and a world tour is announced. Britney embarks on the “Circus” tour, which lasts for 9 months and 97 shows.

2011 Britney’s seventh album, “Femme Fatale,” is released. Britney embarks on the “Femme Fatale” tour, which lasts for 6 months and 79 shows.

2012 Britney appears as one of four judges on The X Factor.

2013 Britney’s eighth album, “Britney Jean,” is released. The Britney: Piece of Me residency begins in Las Vegas.

2014 “Britney: Piece of Me” residency continues.

2015 “Britney: Piece of Me” residency continues.

2016 Britney’s ninth album, “Glory,” is released. “Britney: Piece of Me” residency continues.

2017 Britney performs 11 shows throughout Asia. “Britney: Piece of Me” residency ends after 4 years and 248 shows.

2018 Britney tours the U.S. and Europe, performing 31 shows across both continents. It’s announced that Britney will start a second Las Vegas residency called “Domination” in 2019.

2019 She refuses to work if her father has any more control.

Why read any of this? This should shock anyone. Specially anyone who likes reading legal docs. Plus, legal docs have been sealed for years and still are, it’s clear someone is leaking them now because it shocks the conscience.


No name for you! (
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Anyone want one?


…disabled kids ain’t normal; there’s been a disproportionate intervention medically (MMR Vaccine)

You’ll be a great father.




We no longer post them.

Opening song The Minutemen 11

BOOK Our Band Could be Your Life from this Minutemen song 12 History Lesson Pt 2

FIREHOSE Mike Watt had a second act 13

Was going to use this 14 new band from Australia - again

Please stop sending me Tom MacDonald videos 15 It’s not my thing. Also, stop Fucking asking us why we’re building a studio and moving at the same time. AND STOP ASKING ME ABOUT THE KENNY VS SPENNY EPISODE. How did that come about? Fuck you! That’s how it came about. and stop sending mail bag questions to my personal email. We’re not friends.

ANTIFA / BLM UPDATE: Here are the psychos on a rampage and the weirdo fighting back 16

PROUD BOYS Disbanded? Who says? 17 I asked around. Nobody knows who made the announcement. All the Canada guys quit Telegram because it’s infiltrated by journo snitches

Look at them all accept a random Telegram post as a fact 18

“the families”? what are you talking about Kyle? 19

Look at this absolute pussy. His job is to snitch on Jan 6. Nice vocation. 20 read that letter. It’s amateur hour.



Pre-marriage fucks don’t count. Those are fuckvestments. First 5 years is 2.5x a week (650) 5-10 kids arrive so it goes down to 1 week (260) 10-20 kids are around and aware. Goes down to 1 / month (120) TOTAL FOR FIRST 20 YEARS = 1,030

20+ if the marriage is going bad. It’s 2/yr

CONCLUSION: Most women only want to be fucked 1,000 times.


1- THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF EUGENE SCHUELLER Françoise Bettencourt Meyers (grandfather created L’Oreal) $82 B Never fucked her grandfather ALL GRAVY!

2- THE WIFE OF BILL GATES Melinda Gates $73B married 27 years = 1,044 fucks $69,923,371 / fuck GOOD DEAL!

3- THE WIFE OF DAVID KOCH Julia Koch $62.7 B Married 23 years = 1,036 fucks (but marriage was going well so we’ll up that to 2,000) $60,521,235 / fuck AMAZING DEAL!

4- THE DAUGHTER OF SAM WALTON Alice Walton $62 B Never fucked her dad ALL GRAVY!

5- THE WIFE OF JEFF BEZOS Mackenzie Bezos $43 B Married 25 years = 1,040 fucks $41,346,153 / fuck WORTH IT!

Meghan thee stallion’s dad- er mom

“I’m turning 40” 21 you fucked up. No kids. (Look at Sarah’s face)

Not having kids to save the planet. Uh, it’s QUALITY not QUANTITY, ladies. 22 2:24 23

FUCK THE POLICE 24 Look at the stupid bitches they have to deal with. “You’re a murderer"

David Daleidan facing prison for exposing Planned Parenthood 31 32 33

MY PET BIDEN Possibly the funniest photo of all time 33A

Computer speaks better Biden than me 33B

34 what is he talking about? Imagine 50-year-old Biden could see this guy?

is this his grandson? What’s with the hand over the mouth? 35 is he a rapist? How did his son die? How did his wife die? DATELINE! Oh, brain cancer? Oh. She was hit by a tractor trailer? Oh.

COVID Mount Real is lit! Don’t fuck with lazy people’s leisure 36 that’s all the Pepsis got

You get the numbers up by making the test more sensitive. 37

This is the only chart that matters: crude death rate. It’s 8.8/1000 every Fucking year 38 They say we’re 260k higher with Covid. That’s 0.08% of the American population. 39

Data is provided through the 48th week of 2020. So far this year, the CDC reports that 2,877,601 people have died. At the same point in 2018, the number was 2,606,928, and in 2019, it was 2,614,950. The number of deaths to this point in 2020 is at least 260,000 greater than either of the past two years.



Dear Gavin,

I was looking into the shootings at Kent State in 1970 since the media loves to parade it around as one of the worst atrocities ever committed by our government and I found some interesting things. At first I thought the National Guard shot them just because they were a bunch of violent communists burning down buildings and attacking police like antifa but then I discovered this guy.

He was one of the students throwing rocks at the cops and also happened to be an FBI informant who was the only person other than the National Guard who had a firearm on the scene. Forensic analysis showed his gun had been fired and he even said he had fired it and then later recanted. The FBI lied to the public and claimed they had no relationship with him. I think this asshole fired the first shot and spooked the Guard into returning fire. Seems like something worth looking into.


Hey Gavin and Ryan,

You asked who watches your show? I'm a 36 year old female physician and I've been a fan since you appeared on Rebel Media. I mistakenly introduced my husband and 77 year old Dad, who still talks about your bit about soakers, now I'm the third wheel. My husband was astonished when I bought the subscription because like most physicians I'm cheap as fuck and I never pay for subscription TV shows. Keep up the good work!!

Can you please do an Indian joker face for old time's sake? It is my bad day pick me up.


PS You were a douche when I emailed your personal email by mistake the first time. ??

Guys! You're still wondering where "fuck you dad" comes from? I sent you an email about it BEFORE your 100th where'd-it-come-from episode (would have fit right in there) and THEN you guys did a "deep dive" in the mailbag so I assumed you saw it and ignored it. You have hurt me today. Anyway, it is from the 1994 film "Blown Away" with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones. The line is from the scene where Jones beats up Lloyd Bridges in a bar, and calls him "dad" (as in "old man") and Lloyd says "fuck you, dad!" as a mocking retort. Sorry, there are no actual dads involved. Here's the clip:

Hey Gav, Fuck Ryan,

In yesterdays show where you briefly showed an old naked man at the beach, I immediately knew who it was.

It was not a world banker, instead it was a Florida Famous mentally ill boomer named Ruby Slippers (who is most likely is a pedophile.) Ruby lives at the beach. He lived on Clearwater beach in 2014 and was very popular to the local teenagers who enjoyed his entertainment. All you had to say was "Ruby Slippers" and he would go into a trance and say "your wish is my command." Then you could make him do whatever you wanted. I linked a twitter account and some vine videos. I believe that must be him at another beach in Florida because I haven't seen him around Clearwater for the past 5 years. I guess the old bastard is still somewhere in Florida showing his balls to teenage girls in bikinis. Anyways cheers and tell more of your liberal NewYork friends NOT to move to Florida, us Floridians would appreciate they don't fuck our state like they did Georgia and soon to be fucked Texas.

Hey Gavin and Ryan check out Wheeler Walker Jr's response to the cancel mob

Also, this dude Gus Johnson has "the sprinkles"


Eyyyyy thanks for the shoutout last night. I think you should make me the DJ for the show. The music is getting stale. Needs more edge, especially for those of us that aren't listening from a farm in Iowa.

And no, I'm not mad that you didn't read my letter. Prick.

Techno is the New Punk.

ENjOy LaDs.

This is funny:

Thought you’d get a kick out of this.

G&R - Good evening gentlemen. I'm writing this fresh off of leaving my 1st born's high school senior year honor awards ceremony.

She, along with her great group of over-achieving friends (they consist of a mix of races, religious backgrounds, genders, classes, etc), were honored tonight for the well deserved merits of their hard work. Many of them earned 'ropes' and awards for their accomplishments of earning and maintaining a 3.5+ GPA throughout their 4 years of high school, in addition to other specific and worthwhile achievements. This was the actual meritocracy-focused portion of the ceremony.

They blitzed through announcing this majority of students in about 20-30 minutes.

But then came the remaining 90+ minutes of what you could refer to as the 'bigotry of low expectations' portion of the event.

One of these processions in particular stuck out. A group of students were awarded a rope for showing they learned a 2nd language, with proven proficiently, and some of them probably did work very hard to achieve this. But an unavoidable pattern soon became apparent...

  1. The majority of the recipients of this honor were latino.
  2. The 5 or so non-latino out of 30 or so students awarded mastered French or German.
  3. The entirety of latino students mastered... drum roll ...SPANISH! And I'm guessing grew up in bilingual spanish/english households.
  4. No latino student in this group mastered a '2nd language' other than spanish.
  5. The 5 or so non-latino students earned one or more achievements in the afore mentioned categories, but...
  6. The majority of the latino 'bilingual master' students earned no other ropes or honors for anything else. Meaning, they did not meet any other GPA/athletic/extracurricular achievements throughout their 4 years, but still earned this special rope for this one thing.

The BAWLs fawned over this group and insisted on obnoxiously overdone applause, of course, but wouldn't give a single clap to the white boy who won a mathematics honor for maintaining simultaneous A+ grades in advanced-placement Stats/Calculus/Physics (who will likely be working for NASA or SpaceX in 4 years), nor the wheelchair-bound white boy who won awards for excellence in audio/video production. Or even the black girl who was honored as the business student of the year (her adoptive parents are white and run a successful business).

Witnessing this was no surprise. Just sad. The left is so disgustingly culty, cunty, and deserve NOTHING because they do NOTHING productive. Jealous, ugly, miserable, noisy, sexless, unfun ghoulies. Unfortunately, my wife has befriended a couple of them, or should I say captured by them, and I now have to fight daily to counteract the brainwashing they inflict upon her. I feel outnumbered. I have no patience or energy for this bullshit... Sigh

Wish me luck.

Thanks for all you do. Godspeed, homos.


Hey Gav, First, thank you for your service. Second, please tell us who makes your suits again. I know you’ve mentioned it before, but I forgot to save the information.


Best, Jack


FINAL VIDEO 5 second films 41 Switzerland 42

Armored car robbery. Talk about adrenaline control 43


SHOW NOTES - INTOXICATED EFFORT For those I love - Top Scheme 11 another jam 12

book PUNK - Jonah Kugelberg

Oxygen Dateline: secrets uncovered Just like “The staircase” 13 staircase 14

my new simp crush Prosecutor Lisette Suder 15

speaking of tits. Billie Eilish is a slut now don’t blame her. Paps had some bad pics out there of her she’s 19 16 and the chick in Game of Thrones is shooting a new show about punk she’s 24 17

Syrian dude stuck on boat in Egypt for FOUR YEARS!!! 18

SPORTS TALK Kids’ baseball - diff between 8 and 12 is shocking Amazing Mets game last night

RUIZ FIGHT What the fuck is this guy wearing? 19 scroll down. Fighting in the stands. Lots of Mexicans at my gym. They fight weird. more fights in the stands 20 Arreola lost. No idea what he’s talking about. 21 Butterface?

ANTIFA / BLM Look at the state of these absolute clowns. Eyelashes, death stare, stupid wheelchair dog 22 They shut down the roads - didn’t work 23 Vegan butcher shop 24 Same sentence Max and John got for fighting antifa

DEAD COPS Say his name: Christopher Farrar 25 say his name: Anastasios Tsakos 26


Kirsten Clarke, Biden’s nominee to head civil rights at the DOJ, has a history of black nationalism, and sympathy for racism and antisemitism 27 Black people superior to white people, and that “human mental processes” in the brain have chemicals that imbue one race with “superior physical and mental abilities” and “spiritual abilities.” “I got the extermination blues, jew-boys. I got the Hitler syndrome figured… So come for the rent, jewboys, or come ask me for a book, or sit in the courts handing down your judgements still I got something for you, gonna give it to my brothers, so they’ll know what your whole story is, then one day, jewboys, we all, even my wig wearing mother gonna put it on you all at once.”

“We are all beautiful (except white people, they are full of, and made of shit),” Amiri Baraka wrote. “Come up, black dada / nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape / their fathers. Cut the mothers’ throats,” he wrote.

Critical race theory dies in Texas 28

Still clinging to colleges but who the fuck believes this shit? (so cunty) 29 cops are murderers Chelsea Handler believes it. Tweeted that there’s a 50/50 chance you will die

GREEN SCREEN Queef Latina intoxicates people with her powerful energy 30

FINAL VIDEO WTF? I love white men now 41 actor had to “beat off” a lot of guys 43

...Jesus Christ

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