Adrienne Lenker

Book Crom Cop to Crusader Doug Williams

AMY SISKIND IS VILE doxxes law enforcement 13 claims Andy Ngo wrote about her (he never did) 14 fakes hate mail 15A more fake hate mail 15B

Maxine Waters never called for harassment of Trump supporters 16

AOC said she never said Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered 17

but we obviously have the Tweet 18

Sicknick death wasn’t caused by fire extinguisher 19 this will not make the news

David Hogg wants to compete with Mike Lindell 20 But capitalism is hard He’s taking the Affirmative Action route. GOOD LUCK! 21

HUMAN TRAFFICKING They are Asian 22 450 arrests 39 sex slaves 23 stock footage is always white which is confusing

ANTIFA/BLM They are rich kids about to be poor. Brilliant take. 33

Antifa attack cops in Bellingham, WA Mayor forced to go into hiding 34 but it’s OK because it’s for civil rights. It’s not an insurgency

NEW YORK TIMES 1619 dropping n-bombs. It’s ok though because she’s black 42 also, 1619 can be rife with errors but that’s ok because it’s anti-racism

Cannibalism of the left 44 they quit because of it 45 He apologized like we all live in North Korea 46

N-word in Peru is the height of privilege $5k to go there 47 great new site designed to cripple NYT

Bari Weiss quit too but for opposite reasons 48 "Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times," Weiss wrote. "But Twitter has become its ultimate editor."

Glue head is continuing to garner sympathy 49 can you imagine it was Pauly Walnuts or some Jersey Shore kid?

PROUD BOYS This is why they say “Uhuru” Hours of entertainment 50

Tattle tale journalism 51 Some of the Proud Boys who stood up for Canada are still in the military. We tracked them down. Compare this to the serial rapist, pedophile, and jihadist family in my neighborhood nobody has a problem with.

To the author [email protected]

The video footage of that day shows a bunch of bratty leftists desecrating the Canadian flag ON CANADA DAY. They had it upside down with DECOLONIZE spray painted on it. They covered the Cornwallis statue with “Fuck Canada” stickers. Five servicemen went over to politely ask them what they were doing. These are people we expect to die for their country. Are they allowed to ask people what they’re doing when they have an anti-Canada Day rally on Canada Day? Two of the five left the military for good. One of them was a gay First Nations who was third generation military. People like you ended that man’s legacy. We raised $10k to file a complaint but no lawyer in Halifax would take it because they didn’t want to be canceled.

You know, I’d love you to suffer. I’d love to say, “Look in the mirror and understand that your career is about destroying things other people build” but people like you don’t have the character to be ashamed of themselves. You’ve actually brainwashed yourself into thinking you’re some kind of Freedom Fighter. You’re not. You’re a tattletale. 52 53 How many have they killed?

COVID Where’s Tom Brady’s mask? 54 He did use his platform. You just didn’t like the message 55

more SUPER BOWL insanity Promoting pirates is dangerous 56 she wrote a book about pirates which is what this is about. Promotion 57 just like Dan Wilson and his “domestic terrorism” fear-mongering

Super Bowl streaker 58 they say he won $370k on a prop bet that there would be a streaker

Tampa mayor says maskless will be punished. They were 6’ apart 59

Maks for thee but not for me 60 oops! Mayor has no mask

Super Bowl is “unsafe” but Biden celebration is “truly amazing” 61 this is a common sentiment among lefties 62

Here it is again 63

MAIL BAG Ben Folds Rockin' in the suburbs In a haze these days, I pull up to the stop light, I can feel that something's not right. I can feel that someone's blasting me with hate, And bass, sending dirty vibes my way. Cause my Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandad, Made someone's Great, Great, Great, Great Grandaddies slaves. It wasn't my idea, it wasn't my idea, never was my idea. I just drove to the store for some Preparation-H. y'all don't know what it's like, being male, middle-class and white


Making your boyfriend gay 66 cool chick did it 67

Movie The Wanderers - it’s beautiful

TERRIBLE LOSERS Opie radio is grim 11

Kiss Cactus 12

Kamala Harris stepdaughter is a model 13 she’s also a 4


GAVIN WAX IS ON FIRE Started a new OWS 15 here it is 16 he’s our new Breitbart He’s the guy who beat up antifa at my talk


Great explanation of shorting 18

DAVE PORTNOY IS ON FIRE Gets attacked by Vice 19

says he’s going to sue them 20

threatened Steve Cohen 21 steve deleted his acct 22

PROUD BOYS Tarrio is a snitch 23 sorry. Can’t lead. Trannies aren’t allowed in the military. Snitches can’t lead a group

Max and John’s hearing Claimed I called Halle Berry a monkey actress STILL GOING WITH THAT BULLSHIT


Jong-Fast hid it 25

VERITAS IS ON FACEBOOK CALLS 26 Capitol was kind but blacks are killed when they protest

RACISM BLM Nobel Peace Prize 27

Most blacks have NO CLUE how unracist America is 28 totally Fucking brainwashed Will Witt is good too. He’s another Gavin Wax 29

PSKASI IS PSTUPID Ain’t no circle back girl 30

circle back 31

she’s a joke 32 trying to cover for corruption 33

flipping through binder 34

more retardation 35

can’t answer questions 36

BIDEN BIDEN CALLS HIMSELF A DICTATOR 37 Check out video below where he says 300 Americans can get the vaccine

Janet Yellen pic below

Don Winslow pic He is a fiction writer. He writes thrillers

AOC is a mental patient 38


Extreme puke

Smoking is gay?

Opening song King Rocker

book “The Straight Dope” Cecil Adams

PROUD BOYS declared white supremacist terrorists

They boasted about causing “absolute terror” on Jan 6 again, based on random shit talking on Parler. Nice source Look how deformed this writer is who the fuck is named “Graig”? AntiProud Boys is revenge of the bullied

Antifa / BLM twitter is cracking down on them but are they really? 4 accounts totaling 70k followers 20

They are above the law 21

BLM is kinda done aren’t they? They got played PICTURE OF BLM being played by the DNC and figured it out. Antifa is more like an orphan still rebelling against their DNC daddies. 22 white guy was standing in the road. Antifa spooked a cop car. He surged forward. Ran over white guy. Everyone is fine but RIOT!

BIDEN Leftist DNA is about hogging the talking stick and drowning everyone else out. Nazis are similar Squeakiest wheel Anarchist gatherings Talking stick We’re not leaders. We just want everyone to thrive and be left alone

WaPo fact checker 24 wrong about fracking fact checkers are activists too - just like journos

TRUMP is still living in their head rent free oh, and on their bodies too 25 this is like the guy who got “you’re dead to me” tattoo on his arm of girl in a coffin

I don’t know what I’m signing 26

look at this loser saying um 27 YouTube is censoring dislikes on her 28

Fuck Trump’s 1m vaccines a day. I’m going to do 100 million in 100 days! 29 Also, hot dogs are 50 cents each or 2 for a dollar

Brennan’s lies Much worse than Roger Stone went from head of CIA to CNN contrib PICTURE OF BRENNAN’S LIES

COVID Danny Presti is free to go! 30

RACISM 200 rappers died in 2020 gun violence 31 dis life

32 Candace owns bitch

Look at this hate crime 33

Can you imagine if the races were reversed?

monsters kill child 34 where’s the birth mother?

White kid bullied by racist Muslims kills himself 35

Still trying to get McCloskey’s arrested 36

Unpopular opinion PICTURE OF RACIST TWEET Imagine a white person saying this? Free speech isn’t allowed for white males.

The left doesn’t want free speech. They’re happy with their fake villain 37

FINAL VIDEO Guys use real swords to fight what the fuck?

Opening song Cockney Rejects - I’m not a fool

I think I might be a fool

Gwyneth’s cunt candle blew up 11

Richard Levine is our health secretary We call him Dick 12

White man shot for no reason in Philly 13 He was out on bail for kidnapping and carjacking and tons of other shit

Roughly 90 minutes later, police said highway patrol officers pulled over a car sought in connection with a carjacking in Kensington, where four suspects fled, but the driver was taken into custody, police said.

The driver’s clothing matched that of the suspect being sought in the Loncar shooting, leading to murder charges against Josephus.

Prior to last week’s bust, Josephus had been arrested five times since January 2019.

On Feb. 19 of last year, Josephus was arrested on charges of kidnapping for ransom, robbery, car theft and firearms violations in relation to a case from the previous July.

PROUD BOYS GREEN SCREEN We are Trump’s new army

This guy writes FICTION FOR A LIVING 14

DarkHorse discusses difference between racists and nationalists 15 Sarah Silverman doesn’t quite get it. “Most of them are racist” she says.

Hot professor lambasted for idiotic multiracial whiteness 16 She went on to claim that being white is no longer someone's racial identity but is also a 'political color' which can lead to 'a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others.'

The idea, she said, is 'rooted in white supremacy, indigenous dispossession and anti-blackness'.

'In the politics of multiracial whiteness, anyone can join the MAGA movement and engage in the wild freedom of unbridled rage and conspiracy theories.

she’s been doing this forever. It’s her BRAND 17





Vin Diesel must be torture to hang out with 21 only his hot coworker chicks are Low IQ enough to handle it He’s half black - abandoned by his black dad

I’d like to do a major prank where we hire a woman to be an interviewer for a show called EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE but they’re not that talented -Jimi Hendrix voice -does realistic face paint that’s not so great -does math problems like 11 x 117. Kinda takes him a while

Ted Cruz thinks he can do imitations are they fucking with him? Is he gay? 20

TWITTER LOSES $5B hurray! 11

ISLAM They got Al-Queda’s #2 guy and apparently Iran is involved but JUST LIKE the way they crowbar white supremacy into patrtiotism, they can’t wait to crowbar OUT Iran from any kind of culpability. Apparently Al Queda is Sunni and Iran is Shia and this is a lie. “Leave Al Queda alone. Go get Proud Boys.” 12

CAPITOL INVASION The left loves terrorism when it suits them (that’s a t-shirt)

1983 Capitol bombed by Weather Underground 13 Susan Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years. Clinton commuted her sentence and she was out after 16. She then went on to help found Black Lives Matter! 14

Bill Ayers was in the Weather Underground 15 Served no time for any of his bombings - not even the bomb that blew up his girlfriend. He’s a good Obama buddy and a professor now. Obama launched his political career at the home of the most famous of ’60s radicals, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Judge’s son 16

Newsweek picks up Cameo banning No mention of black charity 17 look at the inept choice of video. It A- shows I’m no longer in the group and B- shows the black family who got fucked over in this. Those in the know realize that’s who the Cameos were for.

Dude killed himself. Guys, you’re just getting misdemeanors. It’s criminal trespassing. If you didn’t smash a window or steal anything, you’re not going to prison. I was wrong. I thought they were all FUCKED. 18 Dude who stole podium IS facing a felony 19 Lawyer “I’m fucked” How’d he get a lawyer so fast? Proud Boys / Tommy Robinson etc have to go through dozens of NOs first.

ANTIFA / BLM Stop selling Andy Ngo’s book 22 this is Biden’s America. Radical is mainstream. NYT agrees "Probably five days leading up to this actual incident there were just crazy things going on in the house, like he would just put his head through the walls and just stuff that wasn't him." "I want to say the first three interactions I had with Tigard PD involving Jacob, every time they told me-- and this is three different officers-- They all said to me – ‘I don't want to poke the bear,'" said Chapin. "He's not an animal. He's a man, he's a kind man in a crisis and needs help." At one point one officer got on the phone with Jacob's mother, a doctor who lives out of state. In a news release, police said Macduff had a knife and resisted arrest. During a struggle, the release said, an officer shot him. Police aren't releasing more details right now and cite this shooting is part of an ongoing investigation. 23

RACISM White mom has kids pray to “black women.” What is with this obsession with 7% of the population? THey’re in every commercial. I don’t get it. 24

Grammy nominees deny awards because they’re white 25

black guy shoots pastor. Won’t appear in news 26 NOT ADOPTING BLACK CATS IS RACIST


MAIL BAG I pooh poohed this because it was a homework assignment on live tv. Went and read it. Really good. It’s all about Proud Boys storming the Capitol. Just like they did with Charottesville. They WANT this group to be white supremacists. They want it so bad. They HATE Enrique’s name. 28 Just a bunch of cunts getting cops and patriots fired for edgy memes. Nice work. They’re all fat and childless with no life. It’s revenge of the losers.

They quote Molly Conger. A communist antifa activist who has been arrested several times for violent protests 29 That’s how much time Molly Conger spent on her laptop last month searching for the man who used the right-wing social media site Parler to share that he was a police officer and pledge support to a member of the Proud Boys extremist group, advocating violence against Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr..


Includes AntiFash Gordon Christian Exoo, a 39-year-old library building supervisor at a college in Upstate New York, says he grew up with a childhood reverence for police officers until his late mother, Diane Exoo, a child advocate attorney and law professor, let him in on her work advocating for abused children and women. “Cops constantly victimize marginalized communities,” Exoo said. “That disgusted me as a young person, that these guys don’t protect people from violence and, in fact, they do quite a bit of violence to people.”


They reject the idea that antifa’s methods are steeped in violence — a narrative advanced by President Trump and his supporters.


The author is a football player come sports writer come anti-cop activist. I’m guessing he was abandoned by his black dad.

FINAL VIDEO LI plane crash

Ah, the good ol trades. Look how he’s dressed.


opening song Christmas is awesome

this is a great jam my wife turned me on to Didn’t use it because it’s not Christmas

I went shopping at a mall last night. It was HELL

Duck Inn sewed a guy up

Chiropractor in scrubs

celebs getting ripped off

MAXIMBADY we eat the poo poo reminds me of an African comedian in Boston long long ago Burger King

MIKE TYSON MOVIE DESERT STRIKE looks brutal same as that Bruce Willis movie. They must get mad grants to shoot in these Siberian shitholes


PHARMA BRO 2015 raised the price on AIDS from $13.50 to $750 That’s what he does

Dec 2015 arrested for ponzi scheme Milo said it’s just bitcoin for pharmaceuticals. He seems to know what he’s talking about but is often bluffing. Experts involved tell me it was really bad ponzi shit

Martin Shkrelli has mad game Nov 2016

He couldn’t get Lauren Duca Remember her? Dec 2016 said don’t not hate her just because “She looks like she smells like vanilla”

She’s a 6.8 with INSANE sex appeal

says she’s bisexual now. That would explain resisting Shkreli’s charms

probs just another divorcee like Amy Siskind who is determined to make the whole country divorced.

or does he? January 2017 this didn’t work. She got a restraining order

march 2018 he bought Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2m can’t be played until 2103 that’s in 83 years

Sep 2017 he offered $5k for a strand of Hillary’s hair which is solicitation to assault

2019 sentenced to 7 years

wait, maybe he does have game. seduced Christie Smithe in prison. she froze her eggs

COVID The bill is nuts. Tulsi Gabbard is not

Sending $ to study gender in Pakistan

$95,000,000 for the Agency of International Development

$300,000,000 for International Disaster Assistance

$90,000,000 for the Peace Corp pg. 148

$13,000,000 to Howard University pg. 121

$9,000,000 Misc. Senate Expenses pg. 134

$100,000,000 to Essential Air carriers pg. 162. This of note because the Airlines are going to need billions in loans to keep them afloat ($100,000,000 is chump change.)

$40,000,000,000 goes to the Take Responsibility to Workers and Families Act This sounds like it's direct payments for workers pg. 164

$1,000,000,000 Airlines Recycle and Save Program pg. 163

$25,000,000 to the FAA for administrative costs pg. 165

$492,000,000 to National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) pg. 167

$526,000,000 Grants to Amtrak to remain available if needed through 2021 pg. 168 (what are the odds that doesn't go unused) Hidden on page 174 the Secretary has 7 days to allocate the funds & notify Congress

$25,000,000,000 for Transit Infrastructure pg. 169

$3,000,000 Maritime Administration pg. 172

$5,000,000 Salaries and Expensive Office of the Inspector General pg. 172

$2,500,000 Public and Indian Housing pg. 175

$5,000,000 Community Planning and Development pg. 175

$2,500,000 Office of Housing

What DOES ALL of this have to do with the Virus?

Oregon lawmakers have secret meeting Oregon lawmakers saw protests inside and outside of the state Capitol building as they convened on Monday to vote on pandemic relief amid the waning days of 2020.

Oregon Sen. Dallas Heard, R-Roseburg, held his own protest on the floor of the Senate as the day began, removing his mask before his fellow lawmakers in defiance of health restrictions requiring facial coverings in the building.

Heard said he removed his mask in protest of what he called Gov. Kate Brown’s infringement on individual liberties and people’s God-given rights.

His actions drew a stern rebuttal from Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, who warned Heard he was in danger of dismissal from the chamber before the unmasked senator left the floor without escort.

“You have no message,” Courtney said as Heard left the chamber to speak to the protesters outside and denounce the governor’s face mask order.

Outside of the Capitol building, as many as 300 people armed with signs and Trump paraphernalia attempted to storm the legislature, saying they took issue with the legislature closing Monday’s in-person session to the general public.

Oregon state capital

This wasn’t Proud Boys. Just Trump supporters bear spraying cops and cops spraying back

PROUD BOYS DC police dropped the ball Here’s one Proud Boy that does not back the blue

all his posts are great


FINAL VIDEO Screaming out a window at night

Pelosi’s tits


Opening song Futureheads 11

was going to use this 13

BOOK The war on boys - Christina Hoff Sommers The Factual Feminist

Drinking competition on Sat night

RACISM The Equalizer First he was Edward Woodward - an old English badass 15

Then they made him black 16 and he fights rich white dudes BECAUSE RAPISTS ARE RICH WHITE MEN

Then they made him and old black fat chick aired after Super Bowl 17

American Skin trailer SPIKE LEE AND NATE PARKER 18

PARKER had an OK career until he started bitching about race then it took off He did the Birth of a Nation (2016) not 1915 IT’S ALL ABOUT SLAVE RAPE 19

BUT Nate Parker is a rapist 20A

It turns out that Parker and Celestin were on the Penn State wrestling team in 1999, and both were arrested and tried for allegedly raping a drunk white coed. Parker was acquitted but his buddy Celestin, the co-author of the film’s story, was convicted for joining in.

… After police opened an investigation into the rape allegations, Parker and Celestin allegedly launched an “organized campaign to harass [Jennifer] and make her fear for her safety,” according to a March 2002 federal civil suit, launched by the Women’s Law Project against Penn State on Jennifer’s behalf. The suit argued that college administrators favored the athletes over Jennifer after she brought the rape allegations and failed to protect her from Parker and his friends’ reprisals.


I stole this idea from Prager


HEALTHCARE I have no view. Lived under both. They both are deeply flawed. I have an OK system now. Not sure if it’s good for you. RELIGION Very private. Nobody’s business. I know God exists. Go fuck yourself.

1- THE BILL OF RIGHTS 1A Every state should have totally unadulterated freedom of speech. If platforms censor ANYONE, they have to be treated like a publisher and not be free from litigation (as Twitter and Facebook etc are now) 2A Every state should have the same gun laws as Texas.

2- FEMINISM Totally redundant. 95% of women would be happier at home. In Proud Boys we say “venerate the housewife” and “glorify the entrepreneur.” We don’t do this in schools because so many entrepreneurs are white and it seems sexist to venerate someone who cooks and cleans. Schools should go to construction sites and marvel at the buildings being built. I don’t care if it’s mostly white men who designed them. There’s more to inventing stuff than helping improve the traffic light and peanut butter or patenting a filament.

3- ABORTION Is murder. “If I didn’t abort my baby at 18, I wouldn’t have had a life.” You got an abortion in a pro-choice world. If it was illegal, you wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. When there’s gravitas to the act people are less flippant. Today, getting an abortion is a bad Monday afternoon.

4- RACISM There is racism towards whites. The horrible world of “systemic racism” is true but it’s systemically anti-white. White people on TV and in ads are morons and the doctors and saviors are disproportionately black. There are generalizations you can make about a group. That’s why there’s black pride and BET. It’s only “racist” when you insist it applies to everyone in the group as The Bell Curve clearly states. Doing badly is not evidence of racism. It can also be that person’s fault. Maybe there’s an excess of blacks in prison because blacks did more crimes. Maybe there is less academic achievement in the black community because fatherless homes lack discipline.

That being said, our prison system is disgusting. Which brings us to…

5- SOCIALISM We need to end welfare and food stamps and all the other incentives we give black women to dump they baby daddy. If we legalize drugs and end welfare, black men will go from prison to fatherhood and crime will all but disappear. So, I’m tying this welfare idea with guns and drugs and prison. They’re all related. I KIND OF REGRET

6- ANTI-SEMITISM There are two types of Jews in America. Real Jews and JINOS. The ones you bitch about in the media are JINOs but it’s not their Judaism that drives them. It’s their whiteness. Jews are also disproportionately represented in medicine. They are high IQ whites. That attracts media as a job because it’s easy for smart people. The real issue with this group is ethnomasochism. They’re white and white people hate themselves. This is a major problem with the entire western world and has little or no explanation. We even teach other races to hate us more just in case we’re not doing it enough. This leads to hate crimes against us - including Jews. Careful with the anti-Semitism rabbit hole. It swallows good men whole.

7- GAY MARRIAGE Was for it but you tricked me

8- ENVIRONMENTALISM Global warming not our fault. Gov’t can’t fix it anyway. Canada does 1.5% China is 30%. Yet Canada is tripping over itself to quell that irrelevant number. Like healthcare, this is a scare tactic to give the gov’t more control.

9- IMMIGRATION We need to enforce our borders just like every other country in the world. We already let in more LEGALLY than all other countries combined. This has to be reduced to MERIT BASED IMMIGRATION only. Are you improving America by coming here? Will we be wealthier as a country? Do you share our values? OK, fine. Come in but one fuck up and you’re gone.

10- ISLAM I don’t see it as compatible with the Western world. “Convert or die” is not Western. When Muslims get to be more than 10% of your population, you tend to get into trouble. This is why you see no terrorism in Japan or China. They also have a serious problem with inbreeding because the Koran says it’s OK to marry your first cousin. This is my most controversial belief and it may be because I watched 9-11. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen 3k people die right in front of you but it changes you. They treat women as second class citizens. They are homophobic and against free speech. It’s a wildly intolerant religion and it’s amazing how many liberals worship at the alter of an illiberal culture.

I’m a nationals.A western chauvinist. I don’t think this country was stolen from the Indians and built on slavery. I don’t think we should be ashamed of our past. Buchanan summed it up “we didn’t start slavery. We ended it"

There, is that so extremist?

FEMINISM Female cops suck 21

Feminists like rape if he’s liberal

TRUMP The coastal cities hate you 22

The politicians hate you 23

ANTIFA / BLM Micah Rhodes 24 “I’m incredibly uncomfortable with Micah having a leadership role at [RHAZ],” tweeted user @riotslutt. “I’ll [obviously] default to Black leadership on this, but I’m not gonna hold back on vocalizing how incredibly violating this feels to me as a survivor of sexual assault.”

Red Sox honored this guy. He hit an 80-year-old 25

He’s deeply ashamed and saddened that the prosecutor didn’t show up at the courthouse, drop the charges against his client, and charge an 80 year old woman who was victimized by him instead.

Attorney Erkan pointed out that despite video evidence that depicted Greenberg assaulting Jean-Jacques and her confession to doing so, police neglected to charge her, instead choosing to charge Jean-Jacques for disarming her.

Disarming!! The government is coming for your water bottles if you don’t participate in the water bottle buyback program!

Here was the best part.

Attorney Erkan admonished the prosecutor for her decision to perpetuate the nation’s storied history of endorsing the story of a white woman over a young black male. He evoked images of 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, where police sprayed water on peaceful black protesters seeking acknowledgment of their civil rights. He emphasized that Greenberg’s spraying water on Jean-Jacques dehumanized him in that same manner. He pointed out that by protecting her behavior, prosecutors and police demonstrated that, sixty years after Birmingham, lessons of our painful past had not been learned.

Here’s the tweet WOW WOW WOW

PROUD BOYS Media silent on charity PDX Proud Boys Toys for Tots pic

Will Carless incompetent boob 26 Latinos for Trump bills itself as a grassroots network of supporters that provides passionate support at Trump rallies across the country. Photos on social media show the group's leaders attending events at the White House and Mar-a-Lago, rubbing shoulders with Vice President Mike Pence, the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr.

In the middle of it all is Tarrio, who serves as Latinos for Trump's chief of staff.

Tarrio has been building the Proud Boys into a de facto army of fighters who traverse the nation getting into brawls, setting fire to Black Lives Matter banners and attacking antifa protesters.

THE MEDIA LIES 27 Look at how they framed the stabbing. It’s a meme

ELECTIONGATE WTF is going on here 28

FINAL VIDEO Robber shot 29

opening song Waitresses

Payment processor looks like it is going through after all. We’re going to hold off discussing anything until we see what happens

Jake Paul is pushing Conor

Perez was banned from Tik Tok 11 this is what we’re no longer able to enjoy 12

When fat people lose weight they look weird

Fun Twitter thing 13 dudes who are down bad DON’T MAKE A MIX TAPE!

LA CAUSA Looks awesome 14

TRUMP Those who don’t hate him are punished. Chris Pratt is polyamarous now 15

Lil Wayne is headed to prison 16 This is because he shunned the woke crowd, denied racism, and supported Trump

First dogs attacking Trump doll 17

Is Trump pardoning Wikileaks? 18

This is what China does to us every day all day 19


GREEN SCREEN Grinch musical 20

PROUD BOYS Siskind Tweets sent separately 21 gay kilt wearers think we’re racist so they discontinue the kilt and send $1k to the NAACP. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Which is fine with us. Is this how we do charity now? Wear something until someone donates to a non-profit. It’s the new shakedown. Eat your heart out Al Sharpton

ELECTIONGATE GA, PA, NV Electoral college goes for Trump 22

“fact checkers” (CNN) say no, it’s not true 23 Did presidential electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada cast their electoral college votes for President Donald Trump? No, that's not true: Joe Biden got all of the electoral college votes in those three states, a result of the Biden-Harris ticket winning the majority of the certified votes there. Electors gathered at state capitols around the United States Monday, December 14, 2020, to cast their votes. There were no "faithless electors" in the process, which means each elector voted along the lines of their state's popular vote.

Then there’s this 24


Ali says shit DID hit the fan 25


Hey Gav and Duke Faginand,

I don't know if you remember the movie from the 90s "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas, about a middle aged white guy who goes on a rampage after getting fed up with life stresses and all the bullshit he deals with. I feel like it is one of those examples that you talk about, where both the left and the right see the same thing and have completely different interpretations. We would look at it and say "understandable, everyone is shitting on this guy, I'd probably do the same" and the left would say "crazy racist white man, typical he goes after the minorities". Anyway, it also includes me and my buddies favorite "drop" that we used to drop in conversation all the time. Check it out:

Right around 2:48 -

Thanks and Merry Christmas Adam

FINAL VIDEO Twerk legs 26

7-11 brawl 27

Add this Book to the notes:

Kafka by Robert Crumb

opening song Dude did a cover of Dream On -Ryan has it

Mexican Indian Joker -Ryan has it

Big fight this weekend I missed it looked like it sucked 12

Mayweather and Logan Paul coming up. WOW 13

Russell Brand and Mathew McConaughey hate elitism. How long is this fucking question? 14


JOEY DIED VID SENT SEPARATELY Joey passed out at the Duck. We thought he died. The bartended didn’t want to check his pulse because - ew, gross.

How to tell a story 15

NETFLIX EVERYTHING ON THIS NETWORK IS AGENDA DRIVEN it’s Michelle Obama propaganda. Her “be better” rant about “If everyone looks like you in the board room, be better” OK Michelle - How about the basketball court?

Rape doc - focussed on white rapists. Trying to obfuscate the racial stats. 16

PIC SENT SEPARATELY My daughter’s killers are like my children

Hillbilly Elligy - they added a Paki girlfriend. It’s now a racially diverse love story. That’s not the book. (also, NY Post said it was all overacting but they do act like that) 17 Saw it with wife. We both have aunts and uncles like this. Indians and Glaswegians.

BLACK 47 This one got on, not because it shows the Irish famine but because it makes rich white men look bad (not that what the English did wasn’t horrific) 18

BLM . ANTIFA VID SENT SEPARATELY Black women are not going to save us - not on purpose

PIC SENT SEPARATELY Colonized in the sheets

PIC SENT SEPARATELY Say his name George Floyd

Mayor defunds police. Then calls them. 19

Get beat up for burning flag. Look at the fat dyke in the front punching a dude. He doesn’t even feel it. 20

This guy has never been in a fight before 21

More beatings 22

PIC SENT SEPARATELY look at this pussy / rainbow suspenders

PROUD BOYS No you may not get bikes for tots. The kids don’t even know where the bikes come from. Who cares if it’s Hitler himself? 23

Cassandra covered it 24

“not safe around children”? 25

Can’t even post a picture of them 26

COVID PIC SENT SEPARATELY The amount of damage done trans by having to look at themselves.

PIC SENT SEPARATELY 37 weeks into my simulated pregnancy

PIC SENT SEPARATELY 3.5m to find out why lesbians are obese

PIC SENT SEPARATELY Putting flowers into diet drinks

Those dudes are fucked. You ran your car into a deputy sherif. Could be 6 or 7 years! 27

Pet Davidson still sucks. 28 How ironic that he’s allowed to continue to work while he mocks those who fight back for being shut down. THE ORANGE ZONE IS COINCIDENTALLY WHERE TRUMP SUPPORTERS LIVE. Could be unions forcing tradesman to test daily so cases go up.

Man decapitated his kids 29

I still can’t get over this euthanasia story. Too dangerous to have your family come by. You might die. What if I want to die? OK, we’ll come kill you. 30

ELECTIONGATE Biggest story yet 31

ALI attacked by CNN for raising money. Alex Jones is only in it to sell supplements. Uh, nobody will advertise on his site and he’s banned from everything. What are they supposed to do? 32 You wanna talk about in it for the $? Where’s your SPLC exposé?

This seems big. FBI raided a home 33

Senator Elana Parent and sen. Jennifer Jordan counting the votes 34 and is defending the count

Bad news? Is the Kraken destroyed?

FINAL VIDEO I am a teacher! I teach children! 35

Liberal gets maced for flashing a knife 36

The Bodysnatchers - Ruder Than You

cool chick band all “Rude Girls" Check out “Let’s Do Rock Steady"

Chick thinks we should just print more money Just print more money 11 This is Zimbabwe This is Idiocracy.

ME NEWS They stole this from me 12

if dudes ran fashion 13

This is still me

SABO’s Newsom art 14

just did this SABO PICS OF WARNOCK

Reverend Warnock is a scumbag 15 Pro abortion Thinks Jesus was Muslim. He was a Jew

“Poor Palestinian prophet” Because it was in Bethlehem? Nice try. Istanbul was Constantinople. The Romans are not Turks.

Sabo’s Harris Fleshlight pic

Harris did date former San Francisco Mayor and State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown for a period of time between 1994 to 1995. In his capacity as speaker, Brown appointed her to two political posts — first to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, and then to the Medical Assistance Commission.

The left can’t meme here’s why 16

VICE IS A JOKE Literally. 17

This is not a joke Colonel Sanders is Latinx 18 This Sunday at noon

SANTA Makes a kid cry 22 Crowder calls him up

he always fucks off 23

Jews for Santa - make us a graphic

Pearl Harbor Apology from Ryan 24 forgotten and fact checked

FEMINISM Where are they now? Fat and alone. 32

Sex and the City writer alone and childless How many lives did she ruin? 33 "When I was in my 30s and 40s, I didn’t think about it," she recalled. "Then when I got divorced and I was in my 50s, I started to see the impact of not having children and of truly being alone. I do see that people with children have an anchor in a way that people who have no kids don’t."

CHINA Viewer sent this in and I ignored it. Tucker thought it was so big he had two Chinese translators verify it. Oops! 34 35

Swalwell banged Fang Fang 36 he ran for president 37 38 Cerno had the scoop

So, they got BIDEN but they had a backup plan BIDEN / TRUMP Mike Wallace’s son is a brat. He called you Chris 39

I told you I hated this guy 40

Covid 41

MAIL BAG Gav, you should listen to the joe Rogan podcast with Mathew Yglesias. Throughout the entire conversation, this guy (Yglesias’) voice does the most annoying inflection where it gets ear piercingly high. You will appreciate this. -Mike

Joe Rogan and Matty Yglesias 42

Matty Yglesias wants to open the borders until we’re 1b. That’s triple our population. He had to leave Vox because he didn’t worship AOC, thought Latinx was gay, and didn’t want to defund the police. 43

FINAL VIDEO Bitch from yesterday got canceled. Good. 44 fuck you welcome to our world.

Dude getting fucked up in prison 45

Christmas dude SNAP 46

Matt Maeson 11 Joliet - 2002


Fake abbos

ME NEWS Book Street Boners What happens when I control everything.

Movie How to Be a Man 13

One of my Joe Rogan’s has been removed. This one’s still up but millions of views are gone. 14 weird.

Dude marries a total doll 15 The new groom said that Margo has a spicy side, citing that: “She swears — but there is a tender soul inside.”

Photos that were posted on social media told the story of the pair’s romantic lifestyle, which included vacations on exotic beaches and steamy bubble baths, depicted with hashtags such as #ideal_relationship, #true_love and #happy_wife_happy_life.


I thought I invented this. George Orwell did 16

James O’Keefe 17

more 18 Dropping bombs. He went over 100s of hours of footage.

FIGHTING BACK Carter Page has had enough 19

TRANS / FEMINISM Cringe. Women aren’t funny 20

man playing women’s football


Rabbit gender queer tax attorney “ve vim ver”

tri racial cis gendered girl fag - pansexual - “she” AKA Whore

gender fluid hetero-romantic demi sexual mutt - xi AKA Horny nerd

Genderqueer - ve vim ver AKA lesbian

agender intersex afab (assigned female at birth) - they AKA Chick

They do that LA talk that’s in movies now - I’m I’m. They all stutter and get caught up because they think that’s what we do.

I know it’s complicated. Allow Xi to explain GREEN SCREEN

Cis: means you identify with your sex assigned at birth. Trans: means you’re retarded.

Gays and lesbians are gays and lesbians unless the lesbians are in college in which case they are LUGs - Lesbians Until Graduation.

POLYAMAROUS Women: I’m a fat whore who got sick of fucking black guys so now I let nerds run a train on me. Men: I’m shockingly lazy and only want to fuck when I’m not playing video games - which is maybe 2 minutes a day so I just join a bunch of nerds who are already fucking a fat chick. NOTE: The guy on the bottom right killed the baby the fat pig made with the rat man on the bottom left. Jealousy is always a thing no matter how hard the polyamorous community tries to deny it.

ASEXUAL Women: Like a normal Asian woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant or have venereal warts, I’d like to wait a little bit. Let’s make that political so nobody notices how square I am. Men: Incels who pretend they are Volcels. Nobody wants to fuck me so I’m going to pretend it’s on purpose. Let’s see if this works.

BISEXUAL Women: I’m a lesbian who occasionally gets sick of scissoring so I take a guy home and let him fuck me. He’s basically a human dildo. Men: I’m a gay who isn’t totally comfortable with that yet so I’m going to make out with chicks praying to Jesus Christ they don’t expect me to eat them out.

TRANS These are still, and always have been, mentally ill gays. FTM Trans: This is a lesbian who cut her tits off and summarily regrets it. Occasionally, one of these mentally ill lesbians will be crazy enough to try to make a fake penis out of her forearm and the resulting sad burrito is so disgusting and odd, we aren’t mean enough to show it to you. MTF Trans: Usually a sad homosexual who took a bunch of hormones and now talks like a weird kid. Sometimes, God forbid, they cut their dick off. This is something they almost always regret hence the high suicide rate.

Now, there are a ton of trans who aren’t even gay. These people often use other words such as... Questioning, Two Spirit, Queer etc are all made up words that just mean: I’m a boring white nerd who is desperate for some sort of character so I’m pretending I’m some kind of interesting minority you’ve never heard of. These people tend to be reluctant to discuss their bullshit with too much investiagtion because they fear being discovered for what they really identify as… boring.


NEW POPE - trans is satanic 22

COVID We don’t even realize how miserable we are 27

CNN realizes China lied Now will they consider China LIES? 28

Fraud expert says he saw USBs 29

Red Elephants provides evidence 30 8:14

Joey B nails it 31

I had no idea Canada had euthanasia programs 32 I mean, I kind of get it if you’re life is a living hell and you’re old as shit and there’s no hope but as we can see here. It can get abused.

ELECTIONGATE Dr Shiva nails it 33

More with Giuliani 34 “person who got money from Russia was Joe Biden"

Giuliani 35 no bathrooms for Republican poll watchers

Azelia is bummed 36 She did the 212 back in 2011 I had lunch w her and Milo once. Her and Milo’s husband got into astrology so I peaced out.

Indians paid for votes 37


Crazy shootout 39 Keeps eating his ice cream cone with a spoon?

How to deal with liberals 40

OPENING SONG 2:50 fucking Pepsi can’t speak English

tit snob


Hell’s Angels vs. Hunter Thompson Hunter was talking shit.

Motorcycle accident 10

Momolith in the desert 11

Joe Rogan freaked 12

Twitter 13 4chan found it 14

GREEN SCREEN Kelsey Caine is Penis CK Louis shitstorm happened in Nov of 2017. She is STILL running with this character.

Penis CK on The Special look at the fucking LOSERS in this audience

She does this all the time. March 2020 still going

Thank God she’s not in the kitchen creating life and then shaping those lives in a loving home


RACISM Asians are white 15

ELECTIONGATE Important because he is an important democrat and he believes there is ballot stuffing. 21:38 16

26:00 17 Judges are scared of riots

Evidence of fraud 18 or not? 19 'The city of Detroit probably had more voters than it had citizens,' the president's personal lawyer spearheading election lawsuits told Fox Business on Monday.

pic of Selim tweet. 59 counties in GA rejected 0 mail ins

FINAL VIDEO Shanghai Sharks

Dash Snow doc Missed the point - fatherlessness killed him 11 they also left out Gav

They redid Instagram

TWITTER We assumed Hunter Biden’s laptop was hacked. 13

RACISM Asian who wants to wipe out whites It doesn’t work Look at Wolfgang Van Halen 14 or Phil Collins kids 15


food is racist tweet Post image

ELECTIONGATE Dominion voting machine had problems in Canada system was used in Venezuala 21

22 ONE COUNTY all of Florida during Bush/Gore had 1,000 This has Trump in the lead by 800

FINAL VIDEO Crimefaces rules Guy shits by the luggage - see? Blacks are quicker thinkers 27

Megyn Kelly calls bullshit on unity 11

PROUD BOYS Fired FBI guy talks about Proud boys

Very fine people 12


Here’s the article 13

here’s the truth antifa kids 14

Minneapolis needs more cops 15

ELECTIONGATE Wolf Blitzer warned us in September 16

Realclear Politics takes PA back 17

said they never gave it 18

Fox news gets called out 19

Barr authorizes DOJ to look into voting irregularities

Oregon elections director fired 20 Clarno spokeswoman Andrea Chiapella said Trout was “a knowledgeable advocate for the democratic process on our team” and that he planned to leave on Dec. 15 anyway “I would never leave in the middle of an election,” Trout said. “This is the toughest part of the election behind the scenes with the canvass, manual audit, electoral college, and recounts. I would not abandon my staff or the counties before the election is over.”

Wisconsin is back in play 21

Michigan county flips from Biden to Trump after glitch fixed

Charts get very weird while you were sleeping 22

Election fraud is a myth 23

Trump’s gonna win 24

Did the press call it so the riots would be more severe?

cnn has rescinded Arizona from Joe Biden

CNN changes their projection chart last night

Michigan AG demands you stop showing the Detroit Leaks video 25

Here they are 26

FINAL VIDEO TDS hitting a dummy and cheering 27 Philadelphia

Opening song PROUD BOY by Loza Alexander 11

KEXP video sent separately Johnny gets “Fuck Donald Trump” in his face


Hot chick

RACISM Sports radio guy fired for incredibly racist rant 12

SPEAKING OF SPORTS HOSTS - YIKES! Might have shitty tits. So what? 13

FIRE IN YOnkers burned his wife and himself to death made them unsaveable 14

Also recruiting Proud Boys at the gym? Americans watch too many movies they think you can shoot a gun out of someone’s hand


HALLOWEEN RYAN MOST BORING HOUSE GUEST EVER -Jimi Hendrix -AM FM - cute me as a cute kid - like we give a shit

got egged yelling at the house “Donald Trump is a white supremacist” 16

Most multicultural party in the history of Westchester

wife got dumped

MUNDANE COSTUMES (in shared folder)

Diversity sucks look at costumes when you go by diversity and not merit 17

SEAN CONNERY My non-Irish side hated him Mad he hosted tartan day parade in NYC “he’s as Irish as the pigs of dougherty” whatever the fuck that means

He hated / loved James Bond thought he was above it but accepted it’s what made him 18

not the worst thing 19

said no to Morpheus and Gandalf OOPS

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 20 Worst movie ever. Drove him into retirement. Said no to Crystal Skull which sucked anyway.

He had lost it by the end 21



opening song Patti Smith (not Patty Smyth) “Horses”

UNHINGED Saw last night LA is a certain style of person. Nobody’s like that. It’s like watching Amish people in every movie. They’re doing an imitation of people on TV. 11

making movies black is so weird 12

Visited Project Veritas 13

VICE “Troubling” 14 Broken ice cream machines are racist. Food desert. Whole Foods. Harlem.

I think he’s an African aristocrat who hates capitalism because he can. Like Obama’s father (who called for 100% tax) and Marx himself. 15 He repeated this dissertation in Vice. They are cutting and pasting essays for Hampshire College. HAHAHA

VICE gets squeezed 16 just put in a fake email

"After Smith got drummed out, however, it fell to an adult to clean up the stinking mess the boys had made in the frat house. In this case, Nancy Dubuc, a gifted TV hand who spent five years as the C.E.O. of A&E networks. She took the top job in March 2018. No surprise, Dubuc is an ardent believer in Vice."

Once again, the OPPOSITE is true. Vice got woke and went broke. They brought in diversity mandates and that means unions and ball-busting and complaints. Men pushed out. Women took over. Ship sinking.

He hates the “myth,” as he calls it, that Vice has a sexist “bro” culture. “My two E.V.P.’s who run my news business and report directly to me, the two top people in my newsroom, are women of color. Finding another news organization in America that can say that, there isn’t one.”

NETFLIX Exact same story here. 17 cancelations up 800% who commissioned this piece of shit. It was done by a black woman which is 90% why it was chosen.



I don’t think they’re pedos per se. I think they want everyone to be incredibly open about sexuality so lesbians seem more normal. "If this means sexualizing kids, so be it.”

PATTY SMYTH GREEN SCREEN Ryan, punk poet laureates are not “shooting at the walls of heartache"

BIDEN court packing 21

Nancy already gave up the ghost 22

HUNTER better “kill himself” soon 23 PIC OF FINAL DESTINATION null 24 25 26

Ashley is in and out of rehab 27

It’s looking like Joe fucks his kids. Why do people turn to drugs again and again? To numb the pain. Why are rich people in pain? Because they’re getting raped.

TWITTER’S response 28

RIOTS ANTIFA Plan to rip Trump out of white house whether he wins or loses 29

BLM / COPS PHILLY But what if Proud Boys riot? 30 “Yo, you didn’t have to give him that many shots!”

they ran over a cop 31

Michael Sale gets regularly beaten 37 what’s his deal? Call for backup, dude then again this week 38 they laugh and don’t help - which is illegal 39

This isn’t true. They were goading him and he said, “Fuck it” 40


Threatening to suck a dick 45

OPENING SONG Trump singing TNT but DJT 11

Kirstie Alley 13 Stern was bashing her 14

50 cent 15 this is about who he will bring in. Not him

Jeffrey Toobin got caught wanking 16 I’m of two minds about it so what? and what a pig THIS IS FAKE


OJ is not impressed 17

Masha Gessen 18

HAPPY DAYS REUNION They did this before for Obama 19

BIDEN The Avengers are getting together to fight for a corrupt retard 20

KAMALA is childless 21


Chadwick OUT SPOKEN 23

VERITAS is on fire 24

TDS 27 beating a doll

heads popping off 28

crazy elf 29

screaming in cars 30

I mean, there are millions of these 31

TRUMP Though Exxon was a smoking gun. It was a hypothetical - about bad things he doesn’t do. Deleted after 5m views 32 this is DISINFORMATION (yet Kirk and NY Post are still banned) 33

AOC promoted it 34 35

TRUMP CARD Joe Biden is clearly selling influence via his brother and sons

This is what socialism wrought 44


surfer 47

motorcyclist loses his leg 48


Everybody please welcome Dusty Bogan to the Censored.TV family! Please check out the pilot episode and let me know what y'all think!

BILL BURR’s SNL Monologue 11

CARDI B blacks don’t maks 12

They don’t work anyway MASK PIC null

NICKELODEON see shared folder

FIRE DRONE What the fuck is this? 13 can’t find anything about it anywhere why does such a thing exist?

McClosky’s framed who said she took apart the gun? 14

Denver shooting footage shows black guns matter dude agitating. He was in a huddle with News 9. They set this up for ratings. They got a man killed. 15

Shaun King’s analysis null

BIDEN He forgot what he’s running for 16

Trump says he has dementia 17

He has “Breasts” on his mind 18 wait, kids don’t have breasts

Do the debate Mr Parkinson’s 19

FEMINISM Thank God women finally have a voice 20

Billie Eilish is fat and has huge tits 21

LINCOLN PROJECT Ezra gives me a shout out 23

Thought of the day: deport me 24

Benny Lincoln Project pic


PROUD BOYS NYC Court clerk on court clerk group nullnullnull

Terrible article by Jessica Lee 25

plot to kidnap Gov was not us “very fine people” 26 it was antifa 27

antifa kidnapper pic null

Oh did you see Breonna Taylor? Narrative is always wrong Breonna pics

nullnull What if Proud Boys riot after election?

Totally fake interview 28

Trump condones hate groups like Proud Boys and they are Nazis who will riot 29

Antifa plans to but yeah, focus on PBs 30

TRUMP Trump stole our FOFA 31

can’t get mad at him though, he’s so funny 32

WE NEED HIM Most important election ever 33


Start a new group Gavin ruined it with BOMBASTIC comments 34 Dude, that is the language of the era. Tim Kaine said, “We need to fight them on the streets.” That was Hillary’s running mate.

You can’t appease them. EVERYONE is a Nazi to them Keith Olbermann’s rant 35

STORIES 1- South Bronx black beatdown kidnapped a 12-year-old - STOLE her innocence that ship has sailed. She might not even be happy if they find her

FINAL VIDEO What would you do if a cougar was chasing you for 6 mins? You can’t run 42

Don't miss the Live show tonight, usual time.

Opening soOpening song Freedom Lovin Man 11

Whitney Houston 12 The Greatest Love of All replace “children” with “skinheads” SKINHEAD GREEN SCREEN montage

TRUMP Also, we have a SPY? Kill him. It’s treason. That’s the law. 13 spying on Tibetans? Huh? Are the Chinese retarded? at least we’re diverse 14

Babylon Bee is CNN now 15 Er, WTF is going on?

look at this crazy bitch 16

SUPREME COURT Sluts want abortions = 88% of this debate

Amy Coney Barrett, 46, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge Oh no! She’s CHRISTIAN! Imagine Ilhan’s religious practices getting this kind of scrutiny 17 she “hates your uterus” 18 Isn’t abortion bad for your uterus? always look up the author 19 My boyfriend was never a dance partner at a quinceanera, he has never seen a quenepa up-close, and bendiciones to the elders was a foreign concept that he’s continually being introduced to. But although he’s new to all of those things, he embraces them.

Barbara Lagoa Cuban dissident. 20

Lagoa said in written answers to the Senate upon her nomination to the appeals court that she believes Roe v. Wade is “settled law” and that as an appellate court judge, she “would faithfully follow it as I would follow all precedent of the Supreme Court.”

BIDEN “We’re gonna cure cancer” 21

who the fuck is he talking to? 22 He’s just completely accepted that the press is his PR firm

the thing 23 "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

JOE ROGAN He apologized for saying Portland assholes started 24 he was right 255 they’re demanding he be MORE censored 26 capitulation is death, Joe

RACISM CARDI B was lying 27 duh She’s in my asshole 28

The most CRINGE thing ever made Lil Nas X 29

Black behaving badly 30 this is black privilege

Judge grabs stupid bitch 31

Great article by Heather McDonald 32 ll such institutional self-accusations by college presidents leave out the specifics. Which faculty members do not treat black students fairly? If that unjust treatment is so obvious, why weren’t those professors already removed? What is wrong with an admissions process that lets in thousands of student bigots? In other moments, college presidents brag about the quality of their student body and faculty. Are they lying? Shouldn’t they have disclosed to black applicants that they will face “racist acts” and “systems of inequality” should they attend? WIGGERS

CV Vitolo Haddad got black Proud Boys fired. She wasn’t black. Now she’s fired 33 and another one SATCHUEL COLE 34 french for spatula is “Spatchuel” See if we can decode Jessica Krug’s lecture




pics sent separately It’s by Arthur from FOUND 11


pal of mine all old pals of mine The dude is DEVASTATED burned all his merch They say it leads to shootings. Provide 2 very loose references. He thinks Hong Kong was a victory


Is there a more perfect representation of where we’re at right now? 12 Of course, if the MSM saw that, they’d go, “Oh because the crow is black!?” That’s how they do 13

The left thinks Big Tech is biased AGAINST them. SMDH 14

Settle for Biden campaign doing well 15


DJ Badboy 11 12


Happy Hardcore Gabber Techno

yesterday’s show TIM POOL We have Thiel. They have Soros. Wrong, Tim, do the math KOCH 13

They”€™re being blamed for buying the recent Wisconsin governor’s election, although if you were suddenly compelled to do something insane such as look at the actual numbers, you”€™d find three unions who each kicked down more cash to the Democratic candidate than the Kochs gave to Scott Walker. You might even learn that all Wisconsin unions and public workers welded together their angry oppressed fists to outspend the Kochs by a factor of at least 20-1, and that as a quotient of total Republican donations, the Kochs”€™ contribution to Scott Walker’s campaign amounted to less than half a percent.

It’s not KOCH it’s SOROS 14 “despite a 2006 study of Fortune 500 companies that showed America’s wealthiest 100 corporations donated $59 million to leftist causes and a paltry $4 million to the political right.”

Kevin Williamson 15 For one thing, conservatives are cheap dates. You do not have to convince the readers ofNational Review or Republicans in Valparaiso that American business is in general a force for good in the world. But if you are, e.g., Exxon, you might feel the need to convince certain people, young and idealistic and maybe a little stupid in spite of their expensive educations, that you are not so bad after all, and that you are spending mucho shmundo “turning algae into biofuel,” in the words of one Exxon advertisement, and combating malaria and doing other nice things. All of that is true, and Exxon makes sure people know it. The professional activists may sneer and scoff, but they are not the audience.

Super-Rich = Far Left 16 “A recent Capital Research Center analysis of charitable donations showed that donations by the left to the Fortune 500 foundations totaled $59 million, compared to $4 million to the right. That’s a ratio of 14.5-to-1.”

The left owns the media 17

La Bombera 18

There is coke merchandise 19

Hard Kill movie might be the worst movie ever made

-comedians with faerie dust Bob Odenkirk Louis CK

-ones that just work hard David Cross Bert Kreischer Chris D’elia Joe Rogan


WAKANDA 24 They tried this in Africa. It was called Liberia and it went from Indian wars to brutal corruption to civil war


Candace Owens VS Cardi B 25

Cardi B can’t even spell Candace’s name 26 on Censored

RYAN LONG 2m views racist and anti-racist same people: obsessed with race 31

Fired from Vice 32

tittays 33

DJ Badboy 11 12


Happy Hardcore Gabber Techno

yesterday’s show TIM POOL We have Thiel. They have Soros. Wrong, Tim, do the math KOCH 13

They”€™re being blamed for buying the recent Wisconsin governor’s election, although if you were suddenly compelled to do something insane such as look at the actual numbers, you”€™d find three unions who each kicked down more cash to the Democratic candidate than the Kochs gave to Scott Walker. You might even learn that all Wisconsin unions and public workers welded together their angry oppressed fists to outspend the Kochs by a factor of at least 20-1, and that as a quotient of total Republican donations, the Kochs”€™ contribution to Scott Walker’s campaign amounted to less than half a percent.

It’s not KOCH it’s SOROS 14 “despite a 2006 study of Fortune 500 companies that showed America’s wealthiest 100 corporations donated $59 million to leftist causes and a paltry $4 million to the political right.”

Kevin Williamson 15 For one thing, conservatives are cheap dates. You do not have to convince the readers ofNational Review or Republicans in Valparaiso that American business is in general a force for good in the world. But if you are, e.g., Exxon, you might feel the need to convince certain people, young and idealistic and maybe a little stupid in spite of their expensive educations, that you are not so bad after all, and that you are spending mucho shmundo “turning algae into biofuel,” in the words of one Exxon advertisement, and combating malaria and doing other nice things. All of that is true, and Exxon makes sure people know it. The professional activists may sneer and scoff, but they are not the audience.

Super-Rich = Far Left 16 “A recent Capital Research Center analysis of charitable donations showed that donations by the left to the Fortune 500 foundations totaled $59 million, compared to $4 million to the right. That’s a ratio of 14.5-to-1.”

The left owns the media 17

La Bombera 18

There is coke merchandise 19

Hard Kill movie might be the worst movie ever made

-comedians with faerie dust Bob Odenkirk Louis CK

-ones that just work hard David Cross Bert Kreischer Chris D’elia Joe Rogan


WAKANDA 24 They tried this in Africa. It was called Liberia and it went from Indian wars to brutal corruption to civil war


Candace Owens VS Cardi B 25

Cardi B can’t even spell Candace’s name 26 on Censored

RYAN LONG 2m views racist and anti-racist same people: obsessed with race 31

Fired from Vice 32

tittays 33

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