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I have followed Milo for years, but his content went down big time. His original Friday Night's All Right was a really good show now his show is nothing but a stupid Skype interview show.

The Atheist guy is pretty much the guy who puts out the most content.

Wayne Dupree I don't give a fuck about since his first day on Censored.Tv he decided to go on vacation.... I haven't trusted him since. How you are going to start a job and then go on vacation?

Jacob Wohl is a seriously great show that I enjoy watching every week.

Please bring in other people

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Gavin's first message on Telegram since January said: "Uh, Milo quit. We're not firing. We're hiring. Two new shows this week including Josh Deney, Gavin Wax & Isabella Riley. #FakeNews"

And Milo said: "Adore Gavin and I always will. I have no more to say on the subject." and then 20 mins later said "For those asking, this is probably a blessing because the paywall isn't for me, I think it's for people with no other options, no friends, or those at the end of their careers. No one does it by choice. I'm just getting started and by the grace of God things are opening uo again for me in the media, believe ir ot not. That's all for now but watch this space."

Typical catty bitch Milo response to something bad happening to him. "It's not me darling, it's them!""

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He's well read, but for some reason I never really liked his content. He was always talking over his guests too. Crowder does that too, and it ruins shows.

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Fuck, I was late to the live stream and just turned in to hear the last 15 seconds of the Milo gossip. Fuck my life!